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Holograms to help with boarding process at Paris-Orly


Holograms implemented at at Paris-Orly’s Terminal to provide real-time information to passengers

The holograms have been introduced as part of the boarding process at Paris-Orly’s Terminal Ouest to provide real-time information to passengers.

Passengers travelling from Paris-Orly Airport will now be greeted by holographic members of staff as they prepare to board their flight.

“To improve our clients’ satisfaction, we have decided to turn Hall 40 of Terminal Ouest into an experimental space for new technologies,” explained Charles Telitsine, Terminal Ouest Manager.

“These holograms are the first experiment; they reflect our commitment to better serve the travellers throughout their journey and to provide them with real-time information while creating surprise and interest.”

The introduction of the holograms follows similar implementations in the security search areas at Birmingham, Bristol and London Luton airports in the United Kingdom.

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