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TSA tests ‘behaviour detection’ approach to security


The TSA has started a trial, exploring the viability of a ‘behaviour detection’ approach to security screening.

The TSA has started a trial, exploring the viability of a ‘behaviour detection’ approach to security screening.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is trialling a ‘behaviour detection’ approach to security screening at Boston Logan International Airport.

It is the first trial of its kind in the US and it will take place over a period of 60 days in Terminal A.

Behaviour detection officers will speak with passengers and assess their behaviour and facial expressions to help identify any potentially high-risk passengers.

TSA Spokesman Greg Soule said: “The majority of passengers will experience a casual conversation with a behaviour detection officer after they provide their boarding pass and ID.

“A small portion of passengers may get selected for an extended conversation and if the behaviours are still being exhibited, they may receive additional screening. In some cases, they may be referred to law enforcement.”

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Justin Taubman, Project Manager of Passenger Innovation, TSA, will address delegates at Future Travel Experience 2011. He will take part in the Fifth Working Session titled ‘Addressing the major industry questions on self-service, baggage, systems, technology and more’. For more information, click here.

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