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FTE/Capgemini ‘Straight Through Travel’ project attracts high-level industry support – sign-up before 28 March to play your part


FTE/Capgemini ‘Straight Through Travel’ project attracts high-level industry support

FTE is partnering with Capgemini on the groundbreaking “Straight Through Travel” initiative, which will encourage cross-industry collaboration to establish how a single passenger token can be created to enable a more seamless end-to-end travel experience. The project was initially unveiled at FTE Europe 2014 by Hans van Grieken, Capgemini’s Vice President Business Innovation.

Last week we announced that FTE has teamed up with Capgemini to facilitate a landmark project aimed at bringing key travel industry stakeholders together to achieve pioneering passenger-focused improvements, and we have already been inundated with expressions of interest from airlines, airports, government agencies and suppliers from around the world.

However, if you haven’t yet signed up, there is still time to do so – the deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 28 March.

The project has been inspired by the FTE Airports 2025 Think Tank and the first challenge to be tackled is “Straight Through Travel”, which aims to establish how the industry can achieve a single passenger token to create a walk-through, secure travel process. The vision at the heart of “Straight Through Travel” is to create a process whereby at both the departure and arrival airports, passengers only need to identify themselves once, in contrast to the current experience, which requires passports to be presented at multiple stages of the journey.

FTE partners with Capgemini on the groundbreaking “Straight Through Travel” initiative

The ”Straight Through Travel” project has been inspired by the FTE Airports 2025 Think Tank. If your organisation is interested in putting forward a C-level executive to participate in the initiative, contact us here.

The project was launched at FTE Europe 2014 by Hans van Grieken, Vice President Business Innovation at Capgemini – you can view his full presentation here. Hans has previously played a key role in the development of ‘The Consumer Goods Forum’ in the retail sector, which has gained the support of C-level executives from some of the world’s biggest retail organisations, and the aim now is to replicate this effective and proven business model in the travel industry.

If you would like to get involved, a local Capgemini consultant will visit you, and your local DMU, for an interview to discuss the following four questions:

  1. Is your company prepared to participate in this initiative, and which Executive Level Representative will support it
  2. What are your specific inputs for the FTE Think Tank in the area of “Straight Through Travel”?
  3. What other practical topics of “common traveller experience interest” should the FTE Think Tank address in the future?
  4. Which C-Level executive within your organisation will take active responsibility for future FTE Think Tank initiatives?

This project, which will start with “Straight Through Travel” and evolve to include a variety of other key issues as defined by the participants, will help the industry achieve tangible change for the benefit of passengers and travel providers worldwide.

If your organisation is interested in playing a vital role in defining the future passenger experience, register your interest here.

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FTE Asia 2014, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur from 1-3 December 2014, will include a conference session entitled: 'How do we resolve key passenger pain points in Asia's airports, where queues are longer than passengers would like?' Paul Mewett, Director, Innovative Travel Solutions, Vancouver Airport Authority will deliver a presentation entitled: 'Resolving security screening and immigration processing queues', while Steven Dickson, Group Head, Ground and Inflight Operations, AirAsia will also take part in this session.

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