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Iberia extends home-printed bag tags to 10 international destinations


MyBagTag has been extended to 10 international destinations

MyBagTag has been extended to 10 international destinations, but Iberia will have to wait longer to introduce it on intra-EU flights due to existing regulations.

Iberia has extended its MyBagTag service to 10 international destinations as well as connecting flights, meaning more passengers will be able to print their bag tags at home.

The development means passengers on connecting Iberia flights within Spain can now make use of the home-printed bag tags, while those travelling to Geneva, Zurich, Mexico City, San Salvador, San José de Costa Rica, Panama, Quito, Guayaquil, Bogota and Santiago de Chile airports can also use them.

However, home-printed bag tags – which can be printed by passengers along with their boarding pass ­– are still unavailable for flights between European Union (EU) countries, because of existing regulations regarding the inclusion of a green stripe on bag tags for intra-EU services. IATA is currently working on a solution and hopes to solve this issue later in 2014.

Iberia initially launched home-printed bag tags in July 2013 and won the FTE Award for Best Check-in Initiative at FTE Global 2013.  The likes of Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Alaska Airlines have since launched their own solutions.

Future Travel Experience Global 2014

The FTE 'On the Ground' conference at FTE Global 2014, which will take place in Las Vegas from 24-26 September, will include a dedicated Baggage Advancements Workshop. In this session, senior representatives from airlines, airports and suppliers will explore how the industry can provide an all-encompassing and consistent baggage offer for passengers worldwide, and what impact the likes of home-printed and permanent bag tags will have on future baggage processes.

FTE Global 2014 will also include the 'Up in the Air' conference stream, an extensive exhibition of the latest passenger-focused solutions, the FTE Awards ceremony and an exciting social programme.

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