Vueling adds NFC, credit card scanning and flight change functions to app

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Vueling app
Vueling’s passengers can now search for and switch flights at the last minute via the carrier’s app.

Vueling has unveiled the latest updates to its mobile app, including Near Field Communication (NFC) and scanning functions that are designed to expedite the process of entering personal and credit card data when booking flights. Another function has also been added, which allows passengers to search for and switch to an earlier flight.

The NFC-based system allows passengers to automatically enter their credit card details via NFC, removing the need for them to enter the details manually. To use this, they must have a contactless NFC credit card that is synchronised with their NFC-enabled Android device.

The scanning function can be used by owners of any smartphone with a built-in camera. When the passenger takes a photograph of their credit card, the relevant data is extracted from the photo and the payment details form is automatically completed. For security reasons, the two functions only fill in the data, and the passenger must manually complete the purchase by pressing ‘Pay Now’.

Vueling has also revealed that a function for iOS devices will initially be confined to storing credit card data, which can be retrieved upon detection of the user’s fingerprint when making a purchase.

Vueling’s Director of IT, Samuel Lacarta, commented: “We have to take advantage of the speed of technological advances to enable the customer to worry only about when and where to fly, and not waste time copying credit card numbers, for example. If we can do this without compromising security, the customer will have a much simpler experience, which is what technology is for.”

Meanwhile, the Barcelona-based carrier has also introduced a new ‘Bring Your Flight Forward’ feature for its app, which allows passengers to switch to an earlier flight if a seat is available. If a passenger decides to change flights, the new flight must depart on the same day as the one initially booked and the offer is confined to tickets purchased with Optima or Excellence fares. The service is likely to be especially useful for business travellers whose schedules are constantly changing.