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NEWSFLASH: All conferences to be free to attend in 2017!

Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO 2016

Premium Conferences

Connecting vendors with airline and airport executives to transform tomorrow’s end-to-end passenger journey across Asia-Pacific

Free to Attend 7-8 November, 2017 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Premium Conference

In addition to the biggest free to attend EXPO of its kind anywhere in Asia, FTE Asia EXPO 2017 will host a Premium Conference, open to First Class delegates only, to help attendees future-proof their business efforts through dynamic keynotes and sessions focused on technology, design and collaboration.

Managing the rise of passenger throughput is a major challenge across Asia, and the conference sessions will provide an invaluable source of insight to airlines and airports on how they can leverage an array of new and emerging technologies – such as mobile advancements, wearable technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, advanced analytics and single biometric tokens – to deliver more seamless and secure passenger experiences.

In addition, we will focus extensively on the in-flight experience and we will dedicate extensive focus to future opportunities and challenges in areas including next generation in-flight entertainment, connectivity, cabin design, passenger comfort, crew empowerment and personalisation.

The planning for who will speak, and on which topics, is yet to get underway but to get a flavour of how we approach our conference education, please see our 2016 conference line-up below.

* Speaker Invited

Tuesday 25th October 09:15 - 10:15

Opening Keynote Session

Welcome Address

Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman
Future Travel Experience

Keynote presentation

How will technology impact the end-to-end travel experience by 2025?

Max Coppin
Max Coppin
Partner Development Manager,
10:15 - 11:15
Coffee break and networking on the exhibition floor
Tuesday 25th October 11:15 - 12:45

Insight and Innovation Leaders Discussion

First Working Session

Session Info

Understanding how industry stakeholders should prepare for the technology, consumer and industry considerations of 2025

Covering: AI, robotics, Internet of Things, biometrics, sensors, wearables, augmented experiences, natural user interfaces, holograms and avatars, predictive analytics, language translation, virtual assistants, parallel industry inspiration, future traveller tribes and achieving personalisation.


What will the airline landscape in Asia look like by 2025?

Steven Greenway
Steven Greenway
Deputy CEO,
U-FLY Alliance


Preparing for the passenger experience of 2025 – the IATA view

Vinoop Goel
Vinoop Goel
Regional Director
Airport, Passenger, Cargo & Security (Asia Pacific),
International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Val Stoyanov
Val Stoyanov
General Manager, Global Transportation,
Intel Corporation
Azman Ahmad
Azman Ahmad
GM Product Management,
Saudia Airlines
Rossen Dimitrov
Rossen Dimitrov
Senior Vice President Customer Experience,
Qatar Airways

to Consider

  • What will be the needs of future travellers, and how should you go about developing airport facilities and onboard experiences to satisfy these demands?
  • How will new and emerging technologies impact airlines, airports and travellers?
  • What will tomorrow’s premium, business and leisure travellers expect from airlines, airports and service providers?
  • What are the passenger frustrations that can be fixed quickly that too often get overlooked?
  • How will the psychology and behaviour of consumers evolve over the next 10 years, and how should travel industry stakeholders adapt their strategies to meet the differing needs of passengers, ranging from millennials to the older traveller?
  • How should staff training evolve to meet passenger needs of tomorrow?
12:45 - 14:00
Lunch break and networking on the exhibition floor
Tuesday 25 October 14:00 - 15:30

Digital transformation to empower the passenger

Second Working Session


Ilya Gutlin
Ilya Gutlin
Asia Pacific, SITA

Digital Transformation groups!

How do we use digital transformation efforts to help drive new customer experience and commercial opportunities through the end-to-end passenger experience?

Dante Dionne
Dante Dionne
PhD (c) – Senior IT Manager, Innovation Technology Development Center (ITDC),
Korean Air

Frankfurt Airport has undergone a major digitisation transformation effort to achieve truly excellent customer experiences, and enhanced revenue opportunities – what can Asia's airports and airlines learn from these efforts?

Jens Paul
Jens Paul
Head of e-Commerce,
Kian T. Gould
Kian T. Gould
CEO & Founder,

Strategy for Capitalizing on Technology

Juha Jarvinen
Juha Jarvinen
Chief Commercial Officer,

to Consider

  • How key will big data be in terms of airlines and airports realising their personalisation ambitions?
  • How should we work together as an industry to facilitate this personalised experience?
  • What disruption can we expect from other new and emerging technologies?
  • Will mobile and wearable technology converge to create a seamless digital device-driven travel experience?
15:30 - 16:30
Coffee break and networking on the exhibition floor
Tuesday 25 October 16:30 - 17:30

End of Day Keynote Session

Keynote Presentation

How will the next wave of future technology and 'digital disruption’ impact the industry and what long term trends should you have on your radar?

Rohit Talwar
Rohit Talwar
Fast Future Research

Embracing digital transformation to raise the benchmark for an entire industry – a leader’s perspective

Dieter Morszeck
Dieter Morszeck
President & CEO,
17:30 - 18:30
Wednesday 26 October 09:00 - 10:15

Day 2 Keynote Session

Keynote Presentations

Deepesh Trivedi
Deepesh Trivedi
Industry Head,

Navigating travel in a connected world

Jeffrey Goh
Jeffrey Goh
COO (and incoming CEO),
Star Alliance

As new LCC alliances emerge and self-connecting becomes more common, what does the future hold for airline alliances in Asia, and how will Star Alliance evolve to keep itself ahead of the curve for airlines, airports and passengers?

10:15 - 11:15
Coffee break and networking on the exhibition floor
Wednesday 26 October 11:15 - 12:45

Innovative utilisation of technology to enhance performance and efficiency

Fourth Working Session


Empowering employees through technology to deliver enhanced customer experiences

Rhoderick van der Wyck
Rhoderick van der Wyck
Global Industry Practice Lead, Travel, Transport & Logistics,
BT Global Services


A-CDM in a Smart Airport

Steve Lee
Steve Lee
Changi Airport Group

How is Air France-KLM transforming end-to-end passenger experiences through dynamic uses of technology?

Michel Pozas Lucic
Michel Pozas Lucic
Vice President Customer Innovation & Care,
Air France-KLM

How do we successfully introduce cutting edge new technologies like robotics and AI into our businesses?

Shiro Matsuzaki
Shiro Matsuzaki
Japan Airlines
12:45 - 14:00
Lunch break and networking on the exhibition floor
Wednesday 26 October 14:00 - 15:30

Airport Futures 2025 – Strategies to manage growth and find the perfect balance between technology and the human touch

Fifth Working Session

Chairman’s presentation

Cees De Vos
Cees De Vos
Independent Consultant and Industry Processing Veteran,
Foxies Consult
FTE Design & Delivery Think Tank - Airport Terminal 2025

FTE Design & Delivery Think Tank - Airport Terminal 2025
Dubai Airport T1 Redesign created by senior executives from Dubai Airports, WestJet Airlines, BMW Group Designworks & Burns & McDonnell. Exclusive reveal in Asia for the first time.

Think Tank members presenting:

Garen Moreno
Garen Moreno
Director, Strategic Partnering,
BMW Group Designworks

PASSME: an EU Horizon 2020 Project. Progress report on an industry-driven, passenger-centric increase of experience AND a 60- minute reduction in travel time, plus learnings from digital value and creation

Rebecca Price
Rebecca Price
Post Doctural Fellow,
Technical University of Delft

Which technologies will enable the airport of the future

Tony Chapman
Tony Chapman
Senior Director,
Product Management and Strategic Programmes, Global Airports,
Rockwell Collins

Smart Service at Incheon Airport

Hunseok Kang
Hunseok Kang
Deputy Director of Passenger Information Team,

Questions to consider

  • Which parts of the journey should still be delivered by people to people, what should be automated, and how do these interactions need to evolve and improve?
  • How close in reality are we to seeing the seamless/walk-through airport, with technologies like smart signage with biometric recognition and beacon embedded LED lights in use?
  • How can airlines differentiate their passenger experiences, while levering automation in a common use environment?
  • What is the expected timeline for adoption, proliferation, and sun setting of technologies such as kiosks and automated bag drops?
  • How do we create more seamless experiences for connecting passengers, both through alliances and for those who are self-connecting?
Wednesday 26 October 15:30
Conference close

* Speaker Invited

Travel & Accommodation

Perfect Location

Marina Bay Sands, 7-8 November, Singapore

Singapore is a highly appealing and accessible destination and a reference site for customer experience excellence. In addition, the iconic Marina Bay Sands offers world-class event facilities, ultimate luxury and breathtaking views across the city.

Learn more about Singapore

Why attend FTE Asia EXPO 2017?

Read what others are saying about FTE Asia EXPO...

"FTE Asia EXPO was a great exhibition and conference. It was very interesting to meet with industry leaders and exchange thoughts on the future travel trends"

Adam Symalla, Head of Guest Experience - Midfield Terminal, Etihad Airways

“FTE is an excellent platform to learn the latest initiatives & thoughts of different aviation stakeholders, I’ve learned a lot from FTE Asia Expo2016"

Joanne Ma, Assistant General Manager, Terminal 1, Airport Authority Hong Kong

“FTE Asia is an excellent platform for not just idea sharing, but meeting people you don't normally get the chance to deal with, such as Google and Microsoft.”

Jose Oller, VP Airport and Operations Control, Peach

“FTE brings together the key stakeholders involved in delivering an exceptional experience for the customer – the carriers, the airport owners, the vendors, IATA – all of the critical stakeholders are represented in one room, and everybody has a very clear focus on the industry's end game. The unique twist here is particular focus on the future of travel, the opportunities that it presents, where the growth is taking place, and how can we, as an industry, continue that growth.”

Emi Spanakis, Director – Customer Experience, oneworld Alliance

“The variety across the event is amazing. Among the exhibitors we have been presented with every sort of new gadget designed to enhance the passenger experience, and the panel sessions have sparked some very interesting discussions.”

H. K. Ng, Assistant Manager IT Operations, Hong Kong International Airport

“I'm always looking for events where a good quality and variety of exhibitors meets an excellent conference agenda, and that's exactly what you have at FTE. There are some really interesting topics covered at these events too – so far discussions about the value of self-service have been particularly good.”

John Newn, VP Res/Distributions, Royal Brunei Airlines

“Firstly, it's a very broad conference, so not only are you getting airlines, but you're also getting airports and suppliers, so from my perspective, it gives me a very large overview of everything that is happening in the industry. I've also gained a real understanding of what other airports and airlines are doing to improve my business, and I've been able to learn from them and also to share with them ideas that can improve the passenger experience across the board, so it's definitely a great forum for discussion.”

Tarik Kiki, Manager Ground Product, Jetstar

“I've met a lot of people and made a lot of new contacts – because of course one of the key reasons people attend FTE is for the incredible networking that you get here. There has been a great variety of vendors on show, and I definitely learned a lot from the speakers – a lot of them really struck a chord.”

David Blackwell, Executive General Manager Customer Service, Adelaide Airport

“It is very good because it attracts and joins together so many manufacturers, airlines and airports. You have established a platform for all of the airline industry to share information and share experiences, and that's very impressive I think. I have certainly learned a lot from the conference, and it is very good to see the new knowledge and information, as well as the new technologies, brought from around the world to here in Asia. It will prove very helpful to us in improving our own product.”

Meng Yang, Manager Simplifying the Business, Air China

“We get to hear from important players in the industry – the airports, the airlines and the authorities – on their views and expectations for the future of travel, and it ensures that all of us are moving in the right direction. There are a lot of key benefits to attending this event, and it is unique in that it brings people together to share their ideas and what they see in the future of our industry.”

Yuh Khee Leong, Vice President Technology, Changi Airport Group

“I am excited that FTE is staging a major-expo driven show in Singapore going forward, as it will provide a much-needed and unique platform for airlines and airports in Asia, the Middle East and beyond to exchange ideas and network, plus view the very latest and most relevant solutions, products and services in one place, which is vitally important as we continue to invest in supporting growth and improving the end-to-end passenger experience. I find participation very beneficial as it is an event where there are no borders, but only opportunities.”

Rossen Dimitrov, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, Qatar Airways

Vital Event Information

Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO 2017 is Asia’s biggest free to attend passenger experience expo, providing an unrivalled platform for the industry’s most innovative solution and service providers from across Asia-Pacific and further afield to showcase their latest products and concepts designed to help airlines and airports improve end-to-end customer experiences, reduce costs, increase revenues and enhance operational efficiency.

Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO 2017
- November 2017
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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