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“This is not just a trade or airline or supplier initiative – all of the players involved in this Think Tank are the ones that are defining the industry’s future.”

Rodrigo Llaguno, Vice President – Customer Experience, Avianca


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We are delighted to release to the industry the results of a meticulous effort to chart the future trajectory of the in-flight passenger experience on narrow-body aircraft. The first of its kind “Onboard 2025 Think Tank” has brought together senior figures from Airbus, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Panasonic Avionics, Avianca and Honour Branding to collaboratively define the narrow-body experience of 2025, and to identify the key challenges and opportunities facing the various industry stakeholders charged with defining tomorrow’s passenger experience. This presentation was created following extensive brainstorming sessions over a six-month period, and having been presented at FTE Global in Las Vegas and FTE Asia EXPO in Singapore, we’re excited to now make it available to the wider industry. You can now access the full 50-page Think Tank presentation for free, and use it to drive improvements across your own business as you plan your future cabin strategies.


The Onboard 2025 Think Tank includes sections dedicated to:

think tank cabin design passenger comfort
Cabin Design & Passenger Comfort
think tank in flight entertainment connectivity
In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity
think tank crew passenger empowerment
Crew & Passenger Empowerment
think tank cabin classes differentiation strategies
Cabin Classes & Differentiation Strategies


The Onboard 2025 Think Tank vision has been co-created by:

mike crump honour
honour branding

Mike Crump
Product & Innovation Director
Honour Branding


ingo gathje airbus

Ingo Gäthje
Head of Cabin Design Office


bjorn erik barman jenssen norwegian
norwegian logo

Bjørn Erik Barman-Jenssen
Senior Vice President
Ground Operations, In-flight Services & Cargo
Norwegian Air Shuttle


neil james pansonic
panasonic logo

Neil James
Executive Director of Corporate Sales & Product Management
Panasonic Avionics Corporation


rodrigo llaguno avianca

Rodrigo Llaguno
Vice President –
Customer Experience



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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the Onboard 2025 Think Tank are ideas developed during brainstorming sessions by the Think Tank members, and are not necessarily the corporate views of the organisations these individuals represent.