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Virgin Atlantic’s iBeacon trial goes live at Heathrow Airport


Facial recognition system deployed at Edinburgh Airport

A security checkpoint.

Milan Malpensa deploys Bluetooth passenger tracking

Tampa International Airport’s Bluetooth-based queue measurement system.

Helsinki’s Bluetooth-based passenger tracking

Preparing for the NFC revolution

Features, Mobile & Wearable Technology // Jul 2011 // No Comments

Preparing for the NFC revolution

As the Near Field Communication (NFC) revolution moves ever closer, Air Canada and SAS share their views on how it will impact the future travel process.

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Bluetooth proves worth for passenger tracking

Features, Security & Facilitation // Apr 2011 // 6 Comments

Bluetooth proves worth for passenger tracking

The establishment of Bluetooth as a mature technology has led to its increased adoption as a reliable means of passenger tracking and airport queue management.

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Industry report highlights value of NFC, RFID, passenger and baggage tracking

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