FTE APEX Virtual Expo 2021 25-26 May 2021

Auditorium Conference Agenda

Our exciting agenda has a wealth of industry leaders, technology giants, disruptors, parallel industries, government agencies and startups sharing their future visions of course, but this is a new era for air transport and we have worked incredibly hard to deliver a line-up that reflects the bold new ideas and many new faces that are going to be at the heart of our industry recovery. From a guest session led by AirAsia and our latest Think Tank team effort focusing on redefining both the future of food & beverage and baggage, through to a New Airline Summit and an exclusive broadcast of the APEX/IFSA Board of Governors meeting, as well as the unveiling of our Transformation Honours List – our event stands out from other online industry gatherings with these thought-provoking and expertly curated conference sessions. We will deliver an inspirational line-up to give you fresh perspectives on what is possible in a world that has seen 10 years of change in just one year, and how-to best power your recovery efforts and future-proof your next wave of propositions and strategies.

FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image
FTE APEX VIRTUAL EXPO conference image

The conference will be split into CEO, Airport, Inflight, Commercial and Digital sessions which will run throughout the day to ensure that everyone can get the most out of the education on offer regardless of their location or time zone. Our auditorium sessions will also be complemented by our On-Demand Speaker Zone, where we will have a wealth of specially recorded presentations ready to go as soon as attendees visit the event, plus as a new addition for 2021 we will host free-to-attend sessions for all attendees and will provide a wealth of quality education sessions on our Expo floor.

Tuesday 25th May 2021 - Day 1

Tuesday 25th May 07:00 - 07:55 BST

Opening Session

Leadership Perspectives on Relaunching Global Air Transport


Format: In an honest, and fast moving discussion, our renowned moderator will interrogate a panel of global industry figures to ascertain their ideas, and insights, on the methods by which air-transport can achieve the fastest possible recovery whilst innovating, and collaborating, in new ways to reach greater heights in the future.


Zeinab Badawi


BBC World News


Luis Felipe de Oliveira

Director General

ACI World

Dr. Joe Leader



Rob Gurney



Tuesday 25th May 08:00 - 08:45 BST

C-level Fireside Chat – “Relaunching Global Air Transport”

Special Guest

M. İlker Aycı

Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee

Turkish Airlines

Interviewed by

Dr. Joe Leader



Tuesday 25th May 09:00 - 10:00 BST

Scene Setter for AirAsia Guest Session on Transformation and “Bringing it back better”

In our view, AirAsia is the most transformative industry player out there right now. This is why we are giving them their own dedicated guest session in which they will bring together senior executives from across their business, to deep-dive with our audience on how they are successfully reimagining what an airline business can be. However in the process of pulling this session together with them we have realised that they have so much exciting content to share it would be impossible to fit it into just one hour, so instead Javed Malik, Group Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia and member of the FTE Executive Advisory Board will give a thorough overview presentation as to what’s happening right now across the organisation and then attendees can go to our OnDemand Speaker Zone to get the full story from his colleagues on exactly what they are doing in in its mission to become “more than just an airline”.

This includes the introduction of numerous new products that provide more choice to customers and new revenue streams including the airasia super app, logistics, e-commerce, fintech, as well as new procedures and innovations such as biometric facial recognition, which will not only make flying more hygienic and contactless, but will also uniquely support commerce ambitions going forward. The airline is also establishing teleport delivery and pilot training businesses leveraging drones, and its own air taxi business.

Auditorium Presenter

Javed Malik

Group Chief Operations Officer


OnDemand Speaker Zone Guest Session Presenters

Lim Ben-Jie

Head of e-Commerce

AirAsia Super app

Pete Chareonwongsak



Liong Tien Ling

Chief Safety Officer


Tuesday 25th May 10:15 - 10:45 BST

CEO Fireside Chat - "Relaunching Global Air Transport"

Special Guest

Tony Douglas

Group Chief Executive Officer

Etihad Aviation Group

Interviewed by

Shashank Nigam

Founder & CEO


Tuesday 25th May 11:00 - 12:00 BST

Digital Health Passport Symposium - How does the travel sector now quickly scale the adoption of digital health passports?

Digital Health Passports are likely to play a crucial role in the future, not just to unlock international travel but also to help return people back to offices, concerts, sports events, inside dining and universities. However, there are big challenges and questions around standards, interoperability, privacy & educating passengers before they can be deployed effectively by air transport stakeholders to help rebuild public confidence in travel and provide many other benefits along the way. We will bring together first movers, and key players, in this space to share the big lessons learned so far, and their recommendations to the industry in effort to ensure we make crucial fast progress.


Dr. Joe Leader




Each speaker will first give a brief overview of where they are in their digital health passport efforts, and what they are doing next to get to where they need to be, before the session moves to a fast-moving panel discussion led by our moderator.


Alan Murray Hayden

Head Airport, Passenger and Security Products

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Dr. Bjoern Becker

Senior Director Product Management Ground & Digital Services


Simon Talling-Smith

Senior Adviser

The Commons Project Foundation

Hassan El-Houry

Group CEO

National Aviation Services (NAS)

Dakota Gruener

Executive Director

ID2020 (Good Health Collaborative)

Hao Yu Dai

Divisional Vice President Digital

Singapore Airlines

Questions to be discussed

  • What do we feel is the key role and benefit of digital health passports for travel now, and what are their limits?
  • What are the key challenges that have been faced by stakeholders rolling out digital health passports, and how are they being overcome?
  • How do we educate and successfully provide relevance and incentive to passengers so they don’t bring paper based vaccine certificates to the airport which will cause operational chaos?
  • How can we as an industry better encourage our governments, and related stakeholders, to adopt more harmonised approaches to health passports and the travel requirements they are putting in place?
  • What more can the vendors involved do to streamline and accelerate this scale-up effort of adoption?
  • How can the industry ensure all digital health passes work together across borders and are interoperable?
  • What progress has been made so far to put in place necessary standards for the development and use of digital health passports?
  • What is the role of airport operators, ground handlers and government agencies on the airport in the rollout of digital health passports, and how might they impact daily operations?
  • How can we protect passengers’ health data and privacy at all points of the process?
  • Shouldn’t these health passport apps just be integrated into airline apps ASAP to streamline efforts and power adoption efforts?
  • Are digital health passports just the first step to the industry establishing a new digital identity to travel for the long-term and if so do we need to be more careful about the choices we are making now?
Tuesday 25th May 12:05 - 12:05 BST

Airport CEO interview to feature in our OnDemand Speaker Zone

Tuesday 25th May 12:15 - 13:15 BST

What is the future of end-to-end passenger experiences and which CX and health innovations resulting from COVID-19 are here to stay?


Each panellist delivers a short overview of their organisation’s recent activities and plans for the future, followed by a Q&A discussion.


Why the new normal of PaxEx is all about well-being and how airlines can succeed

Shashank Nigam

Founder & CEO



Akira Mitsumasu

VP Global Marketing

Japan Airlines & Member of the APEX Board of Directors

Christo Christodoulou

Head of Airport Partnerships in EMEA


Sara Luchian

Director of Passenger Experience

Virgin Hyperloop

Antoine Rostworowski

Senior Vice President, Programmes and Commercial Services

ACI World

Questions to consider:

  • What are the appropriate biosecurity steps going forward in the airport and onboard the aircraft, and how can these be executed in a CX friendly manner?
  • What are the new collaboration possibilities across the journey from booking to kerb?
  • How should airport architecture and facilitation efforts adapt to the new normal?
  • In what new ways can technology support every element of the experience pre, during and post flight?
  • How should passenger interactions with staff and crew evolve going forward?
  • What steps can be taken at every point of the journey to deliver a safe, seamless and touchless experience?
  • Can we deliver great hospitality whilst we adhere to the measures necessary to keep travel moving in the post-COVID-19 world?
  • What does 5* travel look like post-pandemic?
Tuesday 25th May 13:30 - 14:30 BST

New Airlines C-Suite Summit - Live


A large number of new airlines are launching around the world to take advantage of the disruption and opportunities created by COVID-19.  In an honest and fast-moving discussion, our renowned moderator will quiz a panel of C-level executives behind these new startup airlines to ascertain their ideas, and insights, on why they believe they can be successful and what the future holds for the industry at large.


Aaron Heslehurst

News Anchor & Presenter

BBC World News


Olivier Arrindell


Ava Airways

Birgir Jonsson



(Nino) Navdip Singh Judge

Chief Executive and Founder


Matteo Bonecchi


EGO Airways

Tuesday 25th May 14:45 - 15:45 BST

The FTE Transformation Honours List – Airline, Airport & Sustainability categories

The COVID-19 crisis has forced all air transport industry stakeholders to embrace transformation to future-proof their businesses and help to create a stronger, more resilient industry for the long-term. The Transformation Honours List recognises the organisations that have embraced innovation and transformation, and taken on a leadership role in helping to prepare the industry for a brighter future post-pandemic. In this session, you will get to hear the most inspirational stories from the Airline, Airport and Sustainability categories. Meanwhile, the OnDemand Speaker Zone will also host inspiring presentations from the Vendor, Startup, Airline and Airport categories.


Ryan Ghee

Head of Strategy & Development

Future Travel Experience

The story of how Turkish Airlines created “Terminal” – a digital platform combining all of the airline’s technology and innovation focused work in one place, bringing together startups and all technophiles to redefine the future of travel together

Serdar Gürbüz

SVP, Digital Innovation & Analytics Solutions

Turkish Airlines

The story of how Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) COVID-19 Recovery Task Force has successfully rolled out a unique Terminal Wellness Pilot Project and a state-of-the-art onsite COVID-19 Test Lab at LAX to help kick-start the air travel recovery

Justin Erbacci


Los Angeles World Airports

The story behind the AIRTEK programme, created by aviation innovators and a Formula 1 team, to bring new materials and design to the world of aviation seating and help drive down the weight and emissions of tomorrow’s commercial aircraft

Stuart Olden

Senior Commercial Manager

Williams Advanced Engineering

Elliott Koehler

Creative Director

JPA Design

Nigel Smith

MD & Head of Design

SWS Certification

Tuesday 25th May 16:00 - 17:30 BST

Exclusive: The FTE APEX Business Model Transformation Think Tank – Phase 2: Turning Ideas into Reality

The key recommendations from the FTE APEX Business Model Transformation Think Tank – our most ambitious Think Tank to date – were unveiled during our landmark FTE APEX Virtual Expo last December. The forward-thinking group was led by team captain Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), who was joined by key industry players Javed Malik, Group COO, AirAsia; Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburgh International Airport; Juha Jarvinen, CCO, Virgin Atlantic and President Emeritus, APEX; and Robert Carey, CCO, easyJet. Together they shared a vision for redefining two key areas of the travel experience: the way passengers purchase and consume food & beverage (F&B), and providing passengers with a reliable and seamless end-to-end baggage experience. In May we will share results from resulting proof of concept projects now running, along with further evolved thinking around these ideas.

Session Moderator

Daniel Coleman

Founder & CEO

Future Travel Experience

Part 1

Ideas for revolution in the baggage arena for airlines and airports from two of the industry’s most knowledgeable baggage experts – with inspiration from industry crowdsourcing

Andrew Price

Independent Consultant & Former Head of Global Baggage Operations, IATA


Samuel Ingalls


Barich, Inc

Part 2

Formalising new approaches to F&B in travel, and building new e-commerce retail opportunities on the back of it

Satyaki Raghunath

Chief Strategy & Development Officer

Bengaluru International Airport

Next-generation F&B services in India inspired by the 2020 Think Tank recommendations

Following the initial Think Tank recommendations, Bangalore International Airport Limited shares how it has tried to partner with airlines to empower passengers to pre-order F&B services via airline/airport apps before the day of travel for collection at both departure or arrival airport, with the aim of enhancing passenger experiences and commercial opportunities, while reducing complexity and costs for industry stakeholders.


Omnevo, a new subsidiary of AOE Group (already working with the likes of Singapore Airlines & Heathrow Airport) has been created to specialise in vendor-agnostic digital retailing and catering management infrastructure for airports and airlines. How could such an organisation support the Think Tank vision, and what has it learned from its efforts in this space so far?

Kian Gould

Chairman of the Board



Panel discussion with Think Tank team members on what they have heard, and recommended next steps:

Juha Jarvinen


Virgin Atlantic & President Emeritus, APEX

Javed Malik

Group Chief Operations Officer


Christina Cassotis


Pittsburgh International Airport

Robert Carey

former Chief Commercial Officer


Tuesday 25th May 18:00 - 19:00 BST

How will IFEC evolve now in terms of systems, commercialisation and content post-COVID-19?



Following a scene-setting presentation, the panellists will discuss transformational activity in the IFEC space, and the right approaches for airlines and their partners to take going forward.


Tom Stone

Editorial Director

Aircraft Interiors International

Scene-Setting Presentation

How is the IFEC strategy of Delta, and Delta Flight Products, suited to the new trends and realities created by the pandemic?

James Blackwell Jr

Managing Director of Sales

Delta Flight Products


David Pook

Vice President of Marketing & Sales Support


Nancy Walker

SVP Aviation Connectivity

Global Eagle Entertainment

Ralph Wagner



Norman Haughton

Director, In-Flight Digital Entertainment, Wi-Fi, Media Sales and Analytics

Air Canada

Joe Bentley

Chief Technology Officer

Panasonic Avionics

Tuesday 25th May 18:00 - 19:00 BST

Delivering touchless travel and a socially distanced airport experience as passenger numbers rise quickly again


Responding to a global pandemic with touchless and virtual queuing solutions

Dave Wilson

Director, Airport Innovation

Port of Seattle


Dave McCormick

Managing Director, Product & Design

Alaska Airlines

Frank Barich


Barich, Inc

George Merritt

Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations

Denver International Airport

Daniel McCoy

Chief Innovation Officer

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Tuesday 25th May 18:35 - 18:35 BST

Airport CEO interview to feature in our OnDemand Speaker Zone

Wednesday 26th May - Day 2

Wednesday 26th May 07:00 - 08:00 BST

FTE APEX Women in Aviation Leadership Summit


In an honest and fast-moving discussion, our moderator will quiz a panel of global industry leaders to ascertain their perspectives on the impact that female leaders are having on their organisations and the importance of equality in the workplace across aviation. We will also seek their ideas and insights on the methods by which air transport can achieve the fastest possible recovery whilst innovating, and collaborating, in new ways to reach greater heights in the future.


Zeinab Badawi


BBC World News


Ulla Lettijeff

SVP - Helsinki Airport


Sophie Dekkers



Shawn Duffy

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


Amy Burr

Managing Director, Operations & Partnerships

JetBlue Technology Ventures

Aileen McCormack

Chief Commercial Officer


Wednesday 26th May 08:30 - 09:30 BST

New approaches to inflight service, catering & retail



Following a series of 10-minute case studies, the session will move to a panel discussion to discuss the organisations’ respective approaches and new trends in this space.


Julie Baxter
Julie Baxter


Onboard Hospitality

Airline Perspectives:

A full-service airline view

Genevieve Rosario

Head of Product Development & Service Design

Qatar Airways

An ultra low-cost carrier view

Lorry Matthews

Senior Advisor Buy-on-Board



Empowering crew efficiency, service delivery and revenue creation via a digital cabin

Steven Dickson

Managing Partner

Skylight Aviation

Special Presentation

How home food delivery giants Just Eat are now forging new partnerships and propositions that could innovate the inflight world.

Rob Hogema

Manager Global Sales Projects - Travel & Catering

Just Eat Takeaway

Erwin Hoogzaad

Marketing Operations Lead


Wednesday 26th May 08:30 - 09:30 BST

Dynamic approaches to airport planning, technology and sustainability



Ryan Ghee

Head of Strategy & Development

Future Travel Experience

How advanced data-driven approaches are more than ever essential to drive costs down and ensure a structured approach to build back

Korijn Defever

Operational Improvement Manager

Brussels Airport Company

How Swedavia has achieved the world first of Net Zero CO2 operations across its 10 airports, and its ambitions for the future

Karin Gylin

Head of Innovation


How AI is powering Abu Dhabi Airports’ efforts to become smarter and capable of further streamlining passenger journeys through the airport

Mohamad Al Agha

Head of IT Business Solutions, Digital Transformation

Abu Dhabi Airports

Increasing efficiency and safety at airports with technology

Aziz Can Aksöyek

Head of Sales and Business Development

TAV Technologies

Wednesday 26th May 09:30 - 09:30 BST

Airline CEO interview to feature in our OnDemand Speaker Zone

Wednesday 26th May 10:00 - 11:00 BST

Digital innovation to drive transformation across an organisation, and to better support passengers in the post-COVID-19 world


Each speaker delivers a 10-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A.


Simon Dempsey

Chief Commercial Officer



How will the Malaysia Airports 4.0 digital transformation strategy reimagine its business for its stakeholders and passengers?

Lee Yiang Ming

Chief Information Officer

Malaysia Airports

Driving digital transformation efforts within Star Alliance to support the alliance, its member airlines and their passengers

Jeremy Drury

Director Digital & Technology Services

Star Alliance

Thinking as a tech company rather than an airline to drive transformation for the business, and our passengers.

Kamal Hingorani

Chief Customer Service Officer


Wednesday 26th May 11:25 - 12:00 BST

CEO Fireside Chats – “Relaunching global air transport”


In-depth CEO interview. Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance.

Special Guest

Capt Ibrahim Koshy


Saudia Airlines

Interviewed by

Shashank Nigam

Founder & CEO


Wednesday 26th May 11:35 - 11:35 BST

Airport CEO interview to feature in our OnDemand Speaker Zone

Wednesday 26th May 12:30 - 13:30 BST

Automation, robotics & employee augmentation in air transport


Marta Dimitrova

Editor & FTE Hub Community Manager

Future Travel Experience


How is IAG advancing its automation strategies to solve business problems through the introduction of emerging technologies and putting them to the test in live airport operations?

Sarah Kelly

Automation Manager

International Airlines Group (IAG)

How Schiphol’s recently launched Autonomous Airside Operations programme will help achieve its vision to create an autonomous airport in 2050

Rosina Kotey

Innovation Lead

Royal Schiphol Group

Incheon Airport has recently announced a new vision called VISION 2030+, aiming to become a Global Connecting Airport Platform appling the latest technologies. How has its efforts to leverage the latest technologies and automation ideas improved performance?

Jungmi Cristina Lim

Deputy Director - Fast Travel Team

Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC)


Wednesday 26th May 14:00 - 14:30 BST

CEO Fireside Chats – “Relaunching global air transport”


In-depth CEO interview. Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance.

Special Guest

Ed Sims

President & Chief Executive Officer


Interviewed by

Shashank Nigam

Founder & CEO


Wednesday 26th May 15:00 - 15:30 BST

CEO Fireside Chat – “Relaunching Global Air Transport”

Special Guest

Scott Kirby


United Airlines

Interviewed by

Shashank Nigam

Founder & CEO


Wednesday 26th May 16:00 - 17:30 BST

FTE APEX Biometrics Summit

How can we overcome the challenges to mass adoption of biometrics, and has the business case evolved following the COVID-19 pandemic?


A group of senior industry stakeholders from across the travel world will be asked to provide a three-minute perspective on where they are at with their biometrics initiatives before a panel discussion gets underway around key challenges that need overcoming, including subjects like privacy, health, standardisation and interoperability in an effort to find a suggested path forward.

Scene-setting Presentation

The story of how United Airlines have become the first airline in the US to trial a low-touch, biometric-enabled airport experience from check-in to boarding for domestic travelers on select flights.

Betsy Landoll

Innovation & Experience Design

United Airlines

Sherry Stein

Head of Technology Strategy, Americas



Isabelle Moeller

Chief Executive

Biometrics Institute


Jordie Knoppers

Customer Journey Manager Seamless Travel & Biometrics

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Tanya Acevedo

Chief Technology Officer

Houston Airport System

Sarah Clark

Senior Vice President - Digital Identity


Questions to consider

  • Following COVID-19, will biometrics play a key role in delivering the contactless airport experience that passengers will desire?
  • Following the high number of redundancies caused by COVID-19, will airlines and airports look more closely at automation to fill the manpower void as passenger traffic returns?
  • How can we address concerns about data security and privacy around biometrics in air travel?
  • What are the key ingredients to making biometrics a palatable part of an airline or airport’s business case?
  • How can we get key organisations like U.S. CBP and TSA on the same page about integrating biometric technology?
  • How does airport infrastructure need to be adapted to support biometric-enabled queue-less travel?
  • How can the industry address problems with different levels of lighting impacting readership/capturing of images and the added challenges caused by passengers wearing masks?
  • How can you deal with passengers trying to hack the system – such as using images on a phone screen or disguises?
  • Is biometric-powered processing the right approach for all airports, large and small?
  • How can we avoid stakeholders taking different approaches with their biometric efforts and delivering different messages to policy makers?
  • Can we establish trust with passengers and regulatory bodies through open and transparent working relationships, plus other stakeholders in the travel sphere we want biometrics to work with (car rental, hotels etc), to help drive the business case forward?
  • What role can biometrics play in the travel experience beyond the airport (e.g. inflight, hotels, cruise terminals, offsite check-in etc)?
  • Will biometrics become tied to ‘health passport’ efforts?
Wednesday 26th May 17:45 - 19:00 BST

APEX/IFSA Board of Governors Meeting - Virtual Broadcast

Jointly appointed for a one-year renewable term by the Presidents of APEX and IFSA, the APEX/IFSA Board of Governors consists of airline CEOs and Presidents that meet each year to provide top-level strategic guidance for the year ahead. As an appointed joint committee of the associations, the mission of APEX/IFSA Board of Governors will be to guide the advancement of airline passenger experience and in-flight service to best serve our global industry. The APEX/IFSA Board of Governors will convene virtually this year to consider key industry priorities placed forward by the APEX Board of Directors and IFSA Board of Directors. The Board of Governors will each share their views, and formally agree collectively on their strategic guidance, for both associations.

APEX/IFSA Board of Governors participating include:

Ed Bastian


Delta Air Lines & Chairman of the APEX/IFSA Board of Governors

Scott Kirby


United Airlines

M. İlker Aycı

Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee

Turkish Airlines

Jóhanna á Bergi


Atlantic Airways

Andrés Conesa



Yvonne Makolo



Ted Christie

President & CEO

Spirit Airlines

Zhao Dong


Xiamen Airlines

Tewolde GebreMariam

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ethiopian Airlines

Alex Wilcox

Co-Founder & CEO

JetSuite and JSX

Michael Rousseau

President and Chief Executive Officer

Air Canada

Joanna Geraghty

President & COO


Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo

President & CEO

Vietjet Air

Industry messages of support

The team at FTE APEX, staying true to their beliefs of bringing the aviation industry together at scale, connecting the ecosystem with smart, exciting and creative methods of engagement, have not stood still. I believe they are creating a truly unique opportunity for suppliers, airlines, airports, solution providers, product developers and manufacturers, by embracing and adapting key technology developments, which will spur new thinking and many more creative approaches to how we can all experience products and services in our new contactless world. So come on, join the new world of distanced, but connected, engaging experiences through the FTE APEX Virtual Expo.

Javed Malik, Group Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia

“This industry needs a major virtual trade show this year while it cannot meet in person and FTE is exactly the right organisation to be delivering it this December. I look forward to being involved, and to all the engagement and announcements I know that FTE APEX Virtual Expo will generate.”

Clyde Hutchinson, Partner, Journey Partners & Founder, Viva Air Labs

“The recent FTE APEX virtual events have been extremely helpful for the airline ecosystems to share information, to cope with the Corona situation, and to prepare for the new normal. Taking that premise to the next level with the FTE APEX Virtual Expo is exciting indeed and the Japan Airlines team look forward to being involved”.

Akira Mitsumasu, Vice President - Global Marketing, Japan Airlines

“More than ever at a time like this, the industry needs to come together to collaborate and find ways of working that can facilitate new revenue streams and efficiencies. I strongly encouraged the FTE Team to pursue its virtual strategy because very few air transport stakeholders can travel to conventions this year, but we still need to engage. I think FTE APEX Virtual Expo will draw a huge crowd and become one of the most important initiatives in FTE’s 15-year existence.”

Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Bengaluru International Airport

FrontM participated in the recent FTE APEX Ancillary Virtual Event. Throughout the whole lifecycle – before, during and after the event – the FTE team were professional, friendly and focused on helping our participation be as successful as possible. Since our pitch slot, we have had great conversations with a number of prospects and other attendees, which we wouldn’t necessarily have been able to have without FTE. Highly recommended!

Ian Carruthers, Vice President, FrontM

FTE and APEX did a great job delivering timely content to a broad global audience through their recent webinars, in one of which I was proud to participate. I am really looking forward to the FTE APEX Virtual Expo this December. Given the current situation with the pandemic, this is a creative way to offer all industry stakeholders the chance to come together to talk, to listen, to learn and to engage in ways that will advance our common causes.

Christina A. Cassotis, CEO, Allegheny County Airport Authority

“The FTE APEX team have done a brilliant job with their virtual pivot, and I really enjoyed being part of their recent Ancillary webinar. The FTE APEX Virtual Expo looks like a great logical next step, and I am sure it will deliver a lot of value to all involved.”

Andrew Middleton, Commercial Director, easyJet

“We are in a new normal everywhere. SEA will be sharing new ideas and approaches to help overcome the challenges created by COVID-19 at the FTE APEX Virtual Expo. We will be looking forward to hearing others share their experiences, and learn from each other. “

Dave Wilson, Director, Airport Innovation, Port of Seattle

We are incredibly excited to host this truly dynamic and global virtual event, and we are looking forward to offering much more than straightforward webinars, which have become commonplace in recent months. The industry wants more than that now and FTE APEX Virtual Expo will provide the sector with a large-scale digital trade show that will creatively offer real engagement, networking and business development opportunities for everyone involved.

Daniel Coleman, Founder & CEO, Future Travel Experience

FTE APEX Virtual Expo will act as a beacon for our industry’s recovery and bring global stakeholders together en masse to inspire one another. Our stakeholders want to connect and engage to share ideas, propositions, visions and learnings. This announcement also marks another important milestone in the integration efforts between APEX and FTE. Our ambition is to deliver a unified approach and increase the value the association provides to the entire air transport industry, both in the air and on the ground.

Dr. Joe Leader, CEO, APEX/IFSA
fte-apex-virtual-expo logo


Future Travel Experience (FTE) and the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) will jointly host the industry trade show with the widest global attendance in 2021, FTE APEX Virtual Expo. Through a diverse exhibition showcasing the industry’s most forward thinking vendors and all-encompassing conference sessions, Virtual Expo will deliver a wealth of networking opportunities and inspiration across the most pertinent topics – from transforming the travel experience through digital health passports and automation at the airport, through to enhancing the onboard experience through inflight entertainment and connectivity, interiors, service and catering, hospitality and retail.

Date: - May 2021  

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