AirFi America

AirFi was the first Wireless Inflight Entertainment platform, and continues to lead with innovative New Technology including, Connected Crew – onboard sales and ancillary revenue, as well as LEO, Antenna for Air to Ground communication that allows for REAL TIME credit card payments. Air Fi began the implementation of FASE (Fully Autonomous Semi Embedded) units, no maintenance, no crew interaction, no worries.

In Seat Ordering has increased airline Ancillary Revenues by 20%-40%. Customized segments, products, and entertainment are all a part of enhancing your passenger Customer Experience, with their personal “Mall in the Sky”.

What makes your products / services stand out?

The most innovative technology is commonly the driving force to major shifts in our way of thinking, products that come to market; and ultimately changes consumer expectation. AirFi’s “Mall in the Sky” delivers on the changes of customer expectations, while creating customized opportunities for the airline. Customizable products, by region and demographic offer tailored sales efforts; dinner and a movie with a stroll in “The Mall”. Pay for that last minute add on, or book an excursion announced in the promotional ads; in REAL TIME.

Secured, confirmed space on limited availability. GAME CHANGER!
AirFi America principles have over 30 years’ experience in IFE and its implementation. We are the most experienced with inflight entertainment, its innovations, the technology, and maintenance. AirFi America is the only full-service provider of the AirFi, able to take airline customer from proposal to installation, supported by MEKCO Group Aviation. One Provider, One Expert, One Cost. We are New Technology- We are the Highest ROI, for the lowest initial investment. Choose wisely- Choose AirFi America.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

FTE is the definition of the AirFi America vision, and goals. Future travelers will be more savvy, will have global options at their fingertips on their devices. AirFi America brings the newest technologies, and ecofriendly options to the market. The principles of AirFi America have over 30 years experience in IFE and it’s implementation. Based in the US, with a diverse group of professionals, we understand the region, the customer and the technology. It is an honor to demonstrate the advancements the AirFi platform offers our airline customer base.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

Live demonstrations of the AirFi “Mall in the Sky” will be on display. AirFi America will be displaying the vast options for revenue to the airline. Our FASE (Fully Autonomous Semi Embedded) units, will be live and available for interactive use.

Demonstrations of the customer experience and shopping, tour bookings, even transport. We are New Technology- We are the Highest ROI, for the lowest initial investment. Let us show you how. Choose wisely- Choose AirFi America.

What do you think is the biggest lesson that the industry will take away from the COVID-19 crisis?

COVID-19 provided the industry with a unique opportunity to better serve the customer by considering the passengers safety. With the lower touch, personal device options available with AirFi America, the creative approach of serving the customer needs vs. imposed charges will prove to deliver both higher revenue opportunities, and happier passengers. Enhancing the customer experience is the real driving force to set your airline apart in this new market.