Analogic Corporation, headquartered in Peabody, MA, USA is a global leader in design, development, and manufacturing of advanced and cost-effective imaging and detection for security, healthcare, and other high-end industrial markets. Analogic has been an innovation leader in the field of computed tomography imaging for over 40 years, with over 2,000 CT systems and gantries deployed at airports worldwide through its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) security partners. Analogic’s latest innovation is its ConneCT™ Computed Tomography (CT) checkpoint security screening system, which has been qualified by the US TSA for deployment at US airports in base, mid-size, and full-size configurations.

What makes your products / services stand out?

For this year’s FTE, Analogic is showcasing its breakthrough aviation security solution, the ConneCT™ Computed Tomography (CT) checkpoint security screening system. The ConneCT is the culmination of decades of R&D investment by Analogic and builds on our global experience supporting our OEM security partners.

Recently qualified by the US TSA for deployment at US airports, ConneCT improves security, airport efficiency and passenger experience by providing enhanced 3D images to security officers and by limiting passenger divesture and increasing throughput, all in a touch-free environment. Inside its sleek “jet engine” design are “state of the art” advances over older aviation checkpoint security technologies: better threat detection through 3D imaging; the ability for approved liquids and electronics to stay in passenger bags; support for multiple automated screening lanes (ASL); and support for secure networking and remote screening applications. We especially encourage US airports and airlines to stop by Analogic’s booth at FTE to learn how the US TSA’s new Capability Acceptance Program (CAP) may enable them to deploy the ConneCT at their airport on an expedited basis, and how Analogic can help them take advantage of this program.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

FTE brings together innovators from the entire travel community, which makes it an ideal place for Analogic to showcase its ConneCT™ Computed Tomography (CT) checkpoint security screening system. The ConneCT is truly the future of aviation security. It was designed to address the needs of forward-thinking airports and airlines that want the very best in passenger experience, operational efficiency and aviation security. The ConneCT’s sleek, modern, “jet engine” design has overnight set the standard for the look and feel of checkpoint security solutions.

Its appearance is only one way ConneCT represents a major innovation in aviation security. We look forward to explaining to airport and airline leaders how the ConneCT brings together innovations in AI, machine learning, secure networking, and advanced CT imaging to create a new level of productivity, security and improved passenger experience. ConneCT is qualified by US TSA for deployment at US airports and meets the demanding ECAC 3.1 threat detection standards for European airports. Its high reliability design supports a contactless travel experience and improved passenger throughput. Finally, FTE is an opportunity to explain how Analogic can help airports and airlines use the US TSA’s Capability Acceptance Program (CAP) to deploy ConneCT.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

Any FTE visitor interested in the future of seamless travel, improved passenger experience, breakthrough technology and better aviation security should visit our stand. They will have an opportunity to meet with top Analogic leadership and learn why Analogic’s ConneCT™ Computed Tomography (CT) checkpoint security screening system is truly the future of aviation security. In particular, for airports and airlines, they can learn how US airports and airlines are already benefiting from ConneCT’s advanced security features, its support for automated screening lanes and secure networking. Our team can explain how and why the US TSA recently qualified the ConneCT for deployment at US airports, and what that may mean for their airports.

What do you think is the biggest lesson that the industry will take away from the COVID-19 crisis?

The biggest lesson is that when it comes to the aviation industry, we are all dependent and connected to each other. The faster and more efficiently different stakeholders – airports, airlines, technology firms, regulators – can work together, the better we will be able to respond to the next crisis.