SATS is the market leader in providing food solutions and gateway services with a geographical presence in over 60 locations and 14 countries. Using innovative food technologies and resilient supply chains combined the passion, creativity, and talent of people, SATS develops and create tasty, quality food in sustainable ways for airlines, foodservice chains, retailers and institutions.

What makes your products / services stand out?

Backed by decades of culinary expertise and innovation, SATS brings authentic Asian flavors to customers while upholding stringent food safety standards in aviation catering and central kitchens for foodservice chains and institutions across the region.

We offer a full range of inflight food solutions across a range of formats for appetizers, entrees, desserts and now— with the acquisition of Monty’s Bakehouse— handheld refreshments. In particular, SATS has been investing in long-shelf life technologies and is now able to offer a selection of fresh frozen and ambient meals that support airlines and caterers in better food waste management.

The SATS Global Innovation Centre (SGIC) was opened in 2021 to support and lead the industry with sustainability thought leadership and insight-driven innovations premised on design thinking practices, user experience and collaboration. Headquartered in Singapore with an office in the UK and upcoming satellites in Asia, it houses a team of design, product and packaging specialists who are passionate about developing fit for purpose solutions. With our experience and participation across numerous foodservice segments, airlines can leverage on this as an additional resource for fresh insight and planning of their inflight passenger experience.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

Amid the multiple challenges faced during the pandemic, SATS is building new capabilities, reimagining customer experiences and making calibrated investments to shape the future of the business, people and ecosystems for sustainable and collective success.
In this year’s EXPO, we would like to share with the industry these new capabilities and how we have evolved over the pandemic from being just a caterer to a network solutions provider.

We look forward to opportunities to make new connections and to catch up with our airline partners, especially those that were unable to attend the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo earlier this year, where we exhibited for the first time.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

SATS will be sharing our world-class expertise in aviation catering with specialization in authentic Asian cuisines and our latest investments in capabilities and innovation that take us from inflight caterer to a sustainable network solutions provider.

Visitors to our stand can expect to be suitably well-fed with our Asian hospitality and exquisite cuisine comprising both Western culinary classics and authentic local flavours.

A team from Monty’s Bakehouse will also be onsite with new product flavours, samples and updates on exciting pipeline products and plans to support airlines looking to refresh their inflight offerings and solutions for Asia— all fresh from the oven!

What do you think is the biggest lesson that the industry will take away from the COVID-19 crisis?

Resilience was a word that came up a lot for us over the pandemic— resilience in supply chain, business models, teams and of course on a personal level for colleagues and partners across the industry.

One of the biggest lessons to takeaway from the COVID-19 crisis, we think, would be the need for a resilient supply chain and how we can use technology to mitigate issues such as supply chain disruptions, food security concerns, and labor and food safety issues. SATS has been able to tackle these issues by diversifying suppliers and sources for contingencies; leveraging on technology to create nutritious food products with longer shelf life; and using automation to ensure food safety and ease manpower crunches.