ubiZense Limited

ubiZense is a technology company that specializes in helping to improve aviation operations. We leverage on IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, e.g. CCTV, GPS, Bluetooth, to automatically track ramp operations in real-time. We augment the IoT data with existing systems in the cloud with the aim to provide real-time management insights via Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We help to improve your ramp operations.

What makes your products / services stand out?

Our award winning AS2 (Airfield Service System) solution helps to provide ramp operation management at your fingertips. IoT sensors are used to automatically detect what is happening on the apron. The data is streamed to the cloud where our AI and ML models help to transform unstructured data into structured management insights. Moreover, we help to provide analytics to predict potential anomalies. This is especially important in the recent volatile post-covid environment, where “small data” can be leveraged to build prediction models. Our solution is trusted by Hong Kong International Airport since 2019 and they have seen baggage on-time performance handling improved by more than 20%.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

The aviation industry and especially in Asia is slowing picking up its pace. It is imperative that Asian airports and airlines are prepared for an influx of air passengers. We believe that we could help Asian airports and airlines to better cope with the increase of air traffic by leveraging IoT to capture relevant data and by utilizing AI/ML to make predictions to cope with the volatile demand. With this we could help to better prepare Asian airports and airlines to grow even bigger than pre-Covid.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

We showcase our solutions which can 1. Automatically capture ramp operations via CCTV and IoT sensors, 2. Provide real-time management dashboard at your fingertips, and 3. Offer predictive analytics that are relevant to the current post-Covid volatile demand.

Our first solution could be realized by using existing CCTVs and telematics sensors, but could also be quickly realized by leveraging our mobile application. Our mobile app can be installed on any smartphone and allows ramp operations to be automatically tracked. Mobile phone sensors are used to ensure that ramp operations are accurately captured.

Our second solution is a cloud solution, which can be quickly customized and deployed to your airport or airline. Management dashboards are provided to allow airports and airlines to understand their real-time operations and identify potential bottlenecks, with the aim to take preventive actions and mitigate potential flight delays.

Our third solution provides predictive analytics based on “small data”. Traditionally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions rely on massive “big data” to find patterns and relationships. We, on the other hand, can provide predictive analytics based on “small data”. This is especially important in the current environment, where flight operations are operating under the new normal.

What do you think is the biggest lesson that the industry will take away from the COVID-19 crisis?

Automation and data analytics will become more and more important. Covid-19 has brought us the experience to work in an everchanging environment. Automation could help to collect reliable and accurate data, while allowing staff to easier pick up ramp operations. Data analytics could help to analyze massive amounts of data, while relying less on expertise and intuition. By leveraging both automation and data analytics, we believe that airports could become more agile and be better equipped to work in a rapid changing environment.