SeeVoov is the world’s first full-funnel B2B VIDEO Based travel planner, helping tourism companies increase revenue via ancillary bookings and improved user engagement.
Within the travel industry there is very little customer loyalty. companies such as airlines, cruise-lines, hotel chains and OTA’s are battling over price competitiveness for user attention, and many of them are struggling to create ancillary revenue. SeeVoov has acknowledged the power of video in increasing user purchase intent, and has developed the world’s first full-funnel B2B VIDEO Based travel planner, enabling tourism companies to significantly increase ancillary revenue (through hotel booking, flights, attraction tickets, restaurant reservations), as well as provide their users with unique Value Added video entertaining content to enhance their travels. This includes creating up-sales opportunities throughout the user funnel, from website/app inspiration, through booking, in-flight / cruise and in-destination.

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Elenium Automation

Noted by FTE as one of the top innovators this year, Elenium designs, develops and manufactures self-service, digitalisation and automation technologies for the aviation sector. Our solutions focus on operational efficiency and we helped our clients reduce passenger congestion by up to 60 percent whilst enhancing revenues and delivering a better customer experience. Launched just over three years ago, Elenium now employs over 50 staff and has more than 600 check-in kiosks in use by 50 airlines across seven airports globally, including Hong Kong, Auckland and Sydney.

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15below specialises in personalised passenger communications for the travel industry. We give airlines the technology to stay connected to their passengers throughout their journey – from booking, to arrival and beyond. Whether you’re communicating about a crisis, sending day-to-day operational messages, or promoting a product, our platform helps you keep your customers informed and empowered.

We automate passenger communications for more than 50 airlines around the world – from ultra-low-cost businesses like SWOOP to full-service airlines like Etihad, British Airways, Qantas, and Cathay Pacific. No two passengers are treated the same as we interface directly with your backend systems to send fully personalised and relevant notifications. From booking confirmations and mobile boarding passes to flight status updates and disruption management, our platform and customised workflows are used to send best-in-class, targeted, real-time notifications to over 1 billion travellers annually.

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No waiting, no wondering. Avoid the airport kiosk and easily check your bag at home with ViewTag®, a permanent, electronic alternative to paper-based bag tags that securely attaches to your luggage. Our durable digital luggage tag offers convenience at any airport worldwide. Participating airlines allow you to track your bags throughout the airport handling process using their app. ViewTag: A simply speedier airport experience. To learn more, visit:

Read more is a digital marketplace of Airport Services, including Meet & Assist, Lounge and Baggage Delivery services, offered to air-travel passengers by Airport Service Operators in more than 200 International Airports.

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Hepstar developed a recommendation engine designed for optimal packaging of travel ancillaries in the online ticket booking process. Through a single integration, travel partners access a diverse product suite from suppliers across the globe and an active merchandising service for revenue optimisation. It’s a one-stop-shop for products such as travel insurance, global Wi-Fi, SIM and destination based 2-for-1 deals.

Hepstar anonymously profiles customers based on purchasing behaviour of similar profiles to offer the highest purchased, converted or revenue generating products. Hepstar is a plug and play solution for increasing ancillary revenue and gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour.

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QuietOn Sleep

QuietOn is a company founded by ex-Nokia engineers based in Northern Finland where peace and quietude are part of everyday life. We want to provide the same wellbeing to the rest of the world with the latest innovations and technologies.

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