IDEMIA is the global leader in identification technology, and your trusted partner in navigating the worldwide digital transformation. We provide multimodal biometric identity and security solutions to a broad array of markets, including the travel industry, border management, government services, and law enforcement. Over four decades of service to the world’s most prominent users of biometrics, combined with NIST #1-ranked algorithms and award-winning frictionless technology make IDEMIA solutions the preferred choice for ensuring the identity and safety of passengers.

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Be prepared for any type of weather with ClimaCell’s unique weather engine that provides hyper-accurate, specific, customizable and global forecasts and insights.

Our minute-by-minute, airport-level forecasts, which we call MicroWeather, allow our users to answer their specific weather-related questions. You choose:

– Weather Conditions: from rain and snow to wind speed,temperature, lightning, visibility, and much more
– Exact Location: On a street-by-street level, globally
– Time frame: Historic, current or forecast
– Delivery: Dashboard, API, alerts, mobile app
To learn more, visit us at booth C13!

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Vision-Box improves convenience, efficiency and security in Travel and Border Control, Smart Government and Smart City, offering user-centric digital identity management solutions.
Partner of the most prestigious Airports, Airlines and Governments, Vision-Box enhances passenger flow, establishes identity ground-truth through high performance enrolment, identification and authentication, while enabling large data transactions and actionable business intelligence. Vision-Box develops state-of-the-art touchpoints, custom front-end applications and collaborative orchestration software, towards a premium passenger experience. Vision-Box operates over 6,000 solutions and processes 700 million passengers per year at over 80 international airports, easing the lives of a travelers every 5 seconds.

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Arora Engineers, Inc.

Meet the team from Arora and our partners to learn how we can seamlessly lead your facility into the future. Through the digital transformation of data, data analysis and IoT, artificial intelligence, and enterprise integrations and asset management, the Arora team is able to integrate a wide variety of sensors and systems from across an enterprise, provide custom software development solutions, analysis, and design services, as well as provide integration and support for new and existing systems. Learn how we are Rethinking Infrastructure® and the integration of airport systems through the Arora ATLAS® platform to significantly enhance the passenger experience as well as vastly improve airport operational efficiency overall.

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ICM Airport Technics

ICM Airport Technics specializes in the delivery of self-service solutions for airports and airlines all over the world.

Having processed more than 80 million bags worldwide, ICM is the established global leader in providing airports with either retrofitted or replacement type Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units.

Now with kiosks and biometric touchpoints added to our product offering, ICM can simplify your journey from the lounge seat in your home to your seat onboard the plane.

As the name suggests, ICM’s mission is to continually develop innovation that creates movement.

ICM operates globally with offices in Australia, France, Japan, Singapore, UK and the USA.

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Softtek helps organizations create market-transforming innovations; build applications and define processes that modernize operations; and reduce the resources needed to run IT operations, while increasing quality. Founded in 1982, Softtek is a global company and the largest provider of IT services from Latin America. With a broad portfolio of business-transforming products and solutions, Softtek helps Global 2000 organizations evolve their digital capabilities constantly and seamlessly, from ideation and development to execution.

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METrans, LLC

METrans is a USA based OEM Manufacturer of an entirely new scale of Patented, non-autonomous, electric, industrial, personnel and light burden transport vehicle and multiple, special purpose 4- wheel steering trailers. Metrans Products are designed to operate virtually anywhere a person can walk including offices, interior doorways, and elevators at up to 14 mph and a range of up to 40 miles on one charge. Vehicle load capacity is 500lbs. (226.80 kg.) with a towing capacity of 1000lbs. (453.59kg.) Due to their size and maneuverability, our Products are well suited for in terminal, parking and ramp side maintenance and operations, safety and security operations.

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At eezeetags® we understand that Airports an Airlines aren’t just looking for products. They want solutions that will materialize into cost savings and increased efficiencies for their business. That’s why we’ve developed eezeetags® self-service bag tags, with a successful track record of helping the airline Industry to improve their operations.

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Daifuku Airport Technologies

Daifuku Airport Technologies (Daifuku ATec) is the trusted partner of the world’s largest airports and airlines, providing end-to-end solutions across digital systems, security, business intelligence the entire passenger and baggage handling process.

Renowned globally for creating sustainable, innovative technology and high performing solutions, Daifuku ATec continues to revolutionise airport operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy and the passenger experience for their partners.

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TARGIT is the maker of TARGIT Decision Suite which is a business intelligence and analytics solution for all business users. With an emphasis on people, it is our mission to transform entire organizations by revealing actionable insights for every user to make better and faster decisions. For several years, we have been helping airports utilize the vast amount of data they receive every minute. We are breaking down the data silos within the airports and are thereby enabling every department to make instant decisions based on easily available real-time data visualizations and notifications.

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Dohop is an award-winning technology provider founded in Iceland with 15 years’ experience in developing innovative solutions in the field of aviation and travel. Our core technology is focused on creating connecting itineraries. We work with airlines, alliances and airports all around the globe including easyJet, Transavia, Eurowings, Volotea, HK Express, Gatwick Airport and the SkyTeam Alliance.

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Airside Mobile Inc.

Airside builds innovative digital identity products for businesses and consumers with privacy-by-design and leading-edge security as its guiding principles. Airside’s first product, Mobile Passport, has been downloaded by more than 7.5 million people and used at nearly 30 U.S. airports and cruise ports to reduce wait times, improve operating efficiency, and lower costs. Expanding on this capability, the AirsideX solution allows people to leverage a single enrollment for biometrics and share on a consent-driven basis with multiple providers in the travel environment and beyond.

Learn more at:

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Embross develops passenger self service technology solutions for the travel industry.
Trusted by the world’s leading airports and airlines, Embross has more than 30 years of software and hardware development experience across passenger travel.
Launched in 2012, the Embross brand was created as a global vehicle for an innovative and disruptive, self service technology portfolio. Through early success and rapid growth, Embross acquired IBM’s Travel & Transportation Kiosk Division in 2015. Embross has since continued its significant growth and now commands a leading market share of airport and airline self service solutions.

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Experience the power of portability. Every feature you would expect from an in-seat IFE solution provided in a small 2 kg box. The AirFi box can be portable or installed, fitting every airline operation and with minimal to no involvement from the crew a perfect tool to implement overnight creating a very cost-effective tool to improve passenger experience.

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Materna IPS

As a leading player in the aviation industry, Materna ips has successfully been providing hardware and software solutions to airports, airlines and ground handling companies for over 30 years.

Customers directly benefit from our long-term experience, since we offer field-proven, reliable, secure and elegantly designed cost-efficient solutions that simplify your passengers´ journey. Due to a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software, we create a seamless user experience from curbside to boarding, from home to destination. For this purpose our one-stop-shop portfolio consists of specific check-in, baggage drop-off and access solutions combined with the latest payment and biometric services.

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At UnDelay, we strive to help airlines and airports reduce flight delays utilizing AI and IoT technology. We provide APIs that help predict flight delays and increase customer enrollment in different airport rewards programs. For airlines, we provide mobile and web applications that streamline communication processes with advanced data aggregation and data science methods.

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Four Winds Interactive

With over 6,000 clients and more than 500,000 digital signs deployed around the world, Four Winds Interactive has a proven record of helping organizations in every major industry reach their target audiences with the right message at the right time. Every time.
Ready to leverage one platform to run every digital signage application at your airport? Visit us in booth A9 at FTE!

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Copenhagen Optimization Inc.

At Copenhagen Optimization, our software solutions and services help you forecast and manage traffic more efficiently through optimized operational plans to improve throughput, resource utilization, and customer experience. Based on our experience working for international airports, we have developed a collaborative, user-friendly online software solution that will kick your business into a higher gear, Better Airport®.

Visit FTE Global to explore new technologies and take something valuable back to your colleagues in the office and make sure to visit Copenhagen Optimization for a demo and talk on how we can help your airport optimize its operations and passenger services!

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Information Engineering Group (IEG)

IEG is an innovative information technology company established in 1991, trusted by airlines such as Air Canada, United Airlines, and Swiss Airlines. We have a suite of services for airlines and airport lounges in the international market. We provide high quality solutions for Airport Lounge Managers, Airlines, Airports and Aviation Organizations. Our key strengths are a strong customer-orientated approach and a devoted support network assists you to find the most suitable solution for your business.

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Current Components, Inc

Current Components offers specialized payment and printer solutions from a wide variety of manufacturers with various competencies. This experience makes us uniquely suited for helping our customers and providing them peace of mind knowing we deliver optimum “best of breed” solutions. We work closely with our clients and customers from early in the engineering and qualification process all the way through purchasing and managing world-wide logistics.

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