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Theme  Announced “Differentiation through passenger empowerment and personalisation”FTE Asia, On the Ground ConferenceFTE Asia, Up in the Air Conference

Independent, future thinking, passenger-focused

There is no doubt that Europe is the continent where competition between airlines and the airports they fly to is at its most fierce, and while this has been good for the consumer, it has created a cost-driven market where significant investments to differentiate and improve the customer experience have been hard to justify.

In 2015, our conference output will expand to accommodate a second conference stream that will focus on improving the passenger experience “Up in the Air”. This will complement our traditional focus “On the Ground” and ensure that the show is in keeping with the renewed core focus of FTE, which is to provide independent future thinking on how travel industry stakeholders can redefine the end-to-end passenger experience.

The focus of this event begins and ends with the passenger experience, and the two conference streams will explore the most effective means of creating efficient and memorable travel environments through the use of new technology and other means to expedite, personalise and enhance passenger experiences. The conferences are guaranteed to help your organisation in its efforts to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Speakers confirmed for our “On The Ground” and “Up In The Air” conferences include:

Reuben Arnold,Brand and Customer Engagement Director,
Virgin Atlantic
Reuben Arnold John Holland-Kaye,CEO,
Heathrow Airport
John Holland-Kaye
John Hurley,Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ryanair Labs,
John Hurley Andrew Harrison,Managing Director,
London Stansted Airport
Andrew Harrison
Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor,
The Independent
John Hurley Bjorn Erik Barman-Jenssen, SVP Ground Operations, In-flight Services & Cargo,
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Sadiq Gillani, Chief Strategy Officer,
Sadiq-Gillani Declan Collier, CEO,
London City Airport
Mary Kirby, Founder and Editor,
Runway Girl Network
mary-kirby Joerg Ebbighausen, SVP Corporate Development & Chief Strategy Officer,
Munich Airport
Munich Airport
Mark Nasr, Managing Director, e-commerce,
United Airlines
Mark-Nasr Kickie Hiller, Director Customer Experience & Market Insights,

Joint Sessions will focus on:

  • The FTE "Understanding what Passengers Want" Forum Europe
  • The FTE End-to-End Mobile & Wearable Technology Symposium
  • How can end-to-end travel experiences be reinvented?

"On the Ground" sessions will focus on:

  • The future view on how technology and consumer needs will evolve, and how airports and airlines should adapt to these changes
  • Progressive differentiation strategies between passenger types at different stages of the journey
  • What can we expect from the terminal of the future?
  • Do we really need to build new facilities? How can technology enable airports and airlines to optimise processes to such an extent that they are able to increase throughput without increasing terminal footprint, while still enhancing passenger experiences?

"Up in the Air" sessions will focus on:

  • Improving and personalising onboard experiences
  • Progressive in-flight differentiation strategies between different passenger types
  • The Runway Girl Network/FTE Cabin Connectivity Forum Europe
  • Passenger experience opportunities on next generation aircraft

The full conference agendas will be announced very shortly