Future Travel Experience Global 2015 – Exhibition

The Future Travel Experience Global 2015 exhibition will host the very latest solutions and services that have been developed to enhance the passenger experience and improve processing and business efficiency both on the ground and onboard. If you have a solution that can help to improve and simplify any of the key passenger touch points you should be exhibiting in front of the industry’s decision-makers at FTE Global 2015. On the other hand, if you are looking for that cutting edge solution that can improve your customer experience, the FTE Global exhibition is the place to find it.

At Future Travel Experience, we strongly believe that viewing demonstrations of the newest technologies and services is a key requirement to understanding the very latest developments, which is why FTE Global 2015 will provide a perfect platform for the latest products that can help to truly improve the end-to-end passenger experience, streamline processing and create business efficiencies.

Future Travel Experience Global 2015 Floor Plan

FTE Global 2015 floorplan


To be part of this exciting exhibition please contact:

Ben Whibley

Head of Exhibitions and Sponsorship

Tel: +44 1293 783851

Alternatively click here to fill out an enquiry form and we will contact you.

Confirmed exhibitors for FTE Global 2015

Access IS (D3) ARINC (C4) Brock Solutions (A19) CLEAR (E12)
CominfoSec (A18) CUSTOM SPA (C12) Damarel (B5) DESKO (C13)
CominfoSec Custom Damarel DESKO
DSG Bagdrop (C8) DS Bagtag (D7) eezeetags (D15) Embross Group (D5)
DSG Bagdrop AS DS Tags eezeetags Epson
Epson (A1) Four Winds Interactive (A20) GRABBA, INC. (A15) Gunnebo (A6)
Epson Four Winds Interactive Gunnebo Gunnebo
ICM Airport Technics (A18) IER (B4) InterGlobe Technologies (E14) Kaba (A10)
ICM IER InterGlobe Technologies Kaba
Levarti (E2) Locuslabs (S5) Lufthansa Systems (E1) Materna (A12)
Levarti Locuslabs Lufthansa Systems Materna
Mexia Interactive (D9) Pinger (A2) PrehKeyTec (A11) Rockwell Collins (C4)
Mexia Interactive Pinger PrehKeyTec Rockwell Collins
Roomstorm  (S9) SITA (C1) SSE Technologies (B17) Type 22 (A5)
Roomstorm Sita SSE Technologies Type22
Vanguard ID Systems (B16) Vision-Box (A4) Xovis (A13)
Vanguard Vision Box Xovis