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TAM Airlines introduces mobile check-in for passengers at Heathrow


TAM Airline’s mobile check-in facility is available on internet-enabled mobile phones or tablets via the airline’s website.

TAM Airline’s mobile check-in facility is available on internet-enabled mobile phones or tablets via the airline’s website. A 2D boarding pass barcode can be received by email or text, or saved with the Passbook service, for verification at Heathrow.

A mobile check-in service is now available to passengers travelling to Brazil from London Heathrow Airport. TAM Airline’s new mobile check-in facility guarantees a fast and safe boarding experience, and avoids the use of paper boarding passes, helping to contribute to the airline’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The service is available for internet-enabled mobile phones and tablets through TAM’s website, which allows passengers to check in until up to two hours before their flight. An electronic boarding pass with a bidimensional (2D) bar code can be sent to the traveller by email or text, or saved directly on to the device through the Passbook app, which stores and displays boarding passes in a self-contained platform.

As well as being a quick and simple way to check-in, the service also allows the passenger to choose or change their seats. It is also possible to check-in more than one person at the same time, as long as all the passengers in the group have the same reservation code.

TAM offers mobile check-in services for all the airports where its flights operate in Brazil, as well as for TAM flights departing from Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Madrid, Milan, Montevideo and Paris airports.

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