Testimonials from FTE Asia

ARINC Asia-Pacific Division

“A lot of the time you’re stuck in the office, but to get out and see first hand the developments taking place is really a great opportunity to gain an understanding of our industry – and that’s exactly what you get at an FTE event. Perhaps even more importantly though is the variety of people that are here. At the end of the day, ours is a people business, and when you can get out and network with everyone and get to meet new people and share new ideas as you can at FTE, the experience is just so valuable.”

Mike DiGeorge, Managing Director, ARINC Asia-Pacific Division

Royal Brunei Airlines

“I came to FTE on a mission because our airport is under renovation and I’m looking for new technologies to speed up the passenger process, so this was the right place to come. I’m always looking for events where a good quality and variety of exhibitors meets an excellent conference agenda, and that’s exactly what you have at FTE. There are some really interesting topics covered at these events too, so far discussions about the value of self-service have been particularly good.”

John Newn, VP Res/Distributions, Royal Brunei Airlines

Cathay Pacific

“I have found the interactive question and answer periods that take place at the end of every session so beneficial. It’s really interesting to hear specific examples of how particular airports or airlines have adopted technologies, and see their experiences and understand the challenges they might have come up against. In terms of the speakers, there has been a lot of common themes coming out, which I think is very telling, and is shows the industry has a clear understanding and like-mindedness of where we need to get to, and now we’re learning how we get there.”

Robert Weider, Manager – IT Solutions, Cathay Pacific Airways

oneworld Alliance

“FTE brings together the key stakeholders involved in delivering an exceptional experience for the customer – the carriers, the airport owners, the vendors, IATA – all of the critical stakeholders are represented in one room, and everybody has a very clear focus on the industry’s end game. The challenge now is how to get there, and I think FTE as a forum for discussion is working extremely well, and giving some transparency to that ‘how’. Also, importantly, it allows people to leave their loyalties at the door, and from an industry perspective share their views on what is right for aviation. The unique twist here is particular focus on the future of travel, the opportunities that it presents, where the growth is taking place, and how can we, as an industry, continue that growth.”

Emi Spanakis, Director – Customer Experience, oneworld Alliance

Hong Kong International Airport

“The topics have been very interesting, and I have learned a lot about the future of the travel experience that will help me to plan developments at my airport. It has really helped in broadening my knowledge, and opening my eyes as to what the future of travel holds.”

Leo Kwong, Senior Manager Facilities Planning, Hong Kong International Airport

Copenhagen Airports

“Why do I come to FTE? There’s a lot of industry forums that you can visit, but I think FTE really gives a unique perspective, and its refreshing to get a different opinion and to see them in a different theatre, both in terms of the area of the world and also the variety of people here. As the name suggests, we are all here to think about the future, and its fascinating to see not just what can be done today, but where people’s imaginations can take us, and what ideas can be inspired through our discussion of that. In the networking area too, people are willing to talk about concepts and ideas that they may only just have thought of, it gives you an opportunity to debate just what is possible and it gives you even more inspiration to think of the potential – to think: ‘What can I do now, in my airport?’ It’s really interesting to imagine the sorts of solutions we might be discussing next year.”

Steve Tarbuck, Business Development Manager, Airlines, Processes & Facilities, Copenhagen Airports


“The real benefit for me is being able to see everything under one roof, it really enables more crystallised thinking – to be able to see a whole range of developments in one place. It’s a chance to meet with the vendors that I know well, and also to see the new things that are happening within the industry.”

Steven Dickson, Group Head Ground Operations, AirAsia


“FTE is good because it is always full of excellent networking opportunities. Something quite unique about it is that it has such a high quality agenda of speakers and presentations – it really is a great event to attend. I thought the presentation by Kevin Cai of China Eastern was brilliant, and Japan Airways’ Andrew Wang gave a fascinating insight into NFC.”

Stéphan Copart, Project Manager, Fast Travel, IATA


“Firstly it’s a very broad conference, so not only are you getting airlines, but you’re also getting airports and suppliers, so from my perspective, it gives me a very large overview of everything that is happening in the industry. I’ve also gained a real understanding of what other airports and airlines are doing to improve my business, and I’ve been able to learn from them and also to share with them ideas that can improve the passenger experience across the board, so it’s definitely a great forum for discussion.”

Tarik Kiki, Manager Ground Product, Jetstar

Adelaide Airport

“I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of new contacts – because of course one of the key reasons people attend FTE is for the incredible networking that you get here. There has been a great variety of vendors on show, and I definitely learned a lot from the speakers, a lot of them really struck a chord – I’ve written about four pages of notes!”

David Blackwell, Executive General Manager Customer Service, Adelaide Airport

Air China

“It is very good because it attracts and joins together so many manufacturers, airlines and airports. You have established a platform for all of the airline industry to share information and share experiences, and that’s very impressive I think. I have certainly learned a lot from the conference, and it is very good to see the new knowledge and information, as well as the new technologies, brought from around the world to here in Asia – it will prove very helpful to us in improving our own product.”

Meng Yang, Manager Simplifying the Business, Air China

Changi Airport Group

“We get to hear from important players in the industry – the airports, the airlines and the authorities – on their views and expectations for the future of travel, and it ensures that all of us are moving in the right direction. There are a lot of key benefits to attending this conference, and it is unique in that it brings people together to share their ideas and what they see in the future of our industry.”

Yuh Khee Leong, Vice President Technology, Changi Airport Group

Hong Kong International Airport

“I think the variety across the event is amazing. Among the exhibitors we have been presented with every sort of new gadget designed to enhance the passenger experience, and the panel sessions have sparked some very interesting discussions – and its great that we have been able to listen to speakers both in English and Mandarin, the translation service is very useful.”

H. K. Ng, Assistant Manager IT Operations, Hong Kong International Airport

ACI Asia-Pacific

“The exhibition and the speakers, and the variety of people here, has just been awesome. It’s great to have such a collection of companies and vendors from across the world all here in Hong Kong.”

Dimas Haribowo, Executive Assistant, ACI Asia Pacific

Exhibitor Testimonials

ARINC Asia-Pacific Division

“The FTE events are very important to ARINC. We get a lot of excellent exposure here at the events, and all of our key customers are here in one place – all of the airports and airlines – so for us it is a very valuable platform to network and engage with our current customers, as well as new ones.”

Mike DiGeorge, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Division, ARINC


“We at Materna are trying to get into the Asia Pacific region and explore the opportunities within that market, and for us the event is useful in getting a feeling for the Asian market. At the FTE events you have a very good mix of people from the aviation industry so you get high quality networking opportunities, and it’s really an irreplaceable experience in terms of the level and standard of contacts that are here, all in one place.”

Reinhard Augustin, Sales Director Transportation, Materna


“It’s always great to be able to see a lot of our clients together in one place, but its also important to see the interaction and the sharing of ideas that takes place between our customers – that’s why, for us, attending FTE is so important.”

Ilya Gutlin, President Asia Pacific, SITA