FTE Asia EXPO 2015 – An unrivalled end-to-end vendor showcase

The emergence of a major trade show for Asia is long overdue and FTE Asia EXPO 2015 will provide a platform for the most innovative solution providers from across the region, as well as the best from around the world, to come together to showcase their latest concepts designed to improve the end-to-end customer journey, from streamlining airport processes to increasing comfort and personalisation in-flight.

You can expect to see a diverse selection of solutions, ranging from self-service bag drops and immigration e-gates, to the latest in-flight entertainment and and connectivity solutions.

Competition for passenger loyalty between travel facilitators in Asia is fierce, and travel industry stakeholders in the region must innovate to give themselves a competitive edge. Viewing demonstrations of the latest technologies and services in our exhibition can provide essential inspiration on where your organisation goes next with its offer, and will enable you to fully understand the latest developments in the realm of passenger experience.

Free EXPO PassFTE Asia EXPO will be the kind of show where new products are launched and new orders are announced, and will be a platform where vendors can meet other vendors and agents in the region to establish new relationships and co-create new integrated products, laying the foundations for new business development opportunities and industry innovation for all.

The Expo is free to attend and will include ‘On the Ground’, ‘Up in the Air’ and ‘IFEC’ zones, plus a ‘Single Token Travel Showcase’, highlighting the future of airport facilitation, delivered through our uniquely developed Personal EXPO Boarding Pass, which will see each visitor issued with an individual 2D barcode on their delegate badge, enabling them to use it like an airline ticket to trial technology in the exhibition throughout the show.


FTE Asia EXPO Floor Plan

FTE Asia EXPO Floorplan


To be part of this exciting exhibition please contact:

Ben Whibley

Head of Exhibitions and Sponsorship

Tel: +44 1293 783851

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Why exhibit

Exhibitors confirmed for FTE Asia EXPO 2015

Access IS (A34) AviaVox (C16) Boon Edam (B6) BT (B10)
Access IS Aviavox Boon Edam BT
CUSTOM (C13) Damarel Systems (C20) Desko (C15) DS Bagtag (B27)
Custom Engineering Damarel Systems Desko DS Bagtag
DSG Bagdrop AS (C8) eezeetags (A18) Embross Group (C26) FTE Events (E12)
DSG Systems eezeetags Embross Group FTE Events
Gogo (D11/D12) Gunnebo (C1) IATA (E4) ICM Airport Technics (A1)
Gogo Gunnebo IATA ICM Airport Technics
IER (B7) Inmarsat (C10) Vancouver Airport Authority – Innovative Travel Solutions (A26) Kaba (C4)
IER Inmarsat Innovative Travel Solutions by YVR Kaba
Kifly (C17) Lumexis (C2) Magnetic Autocontrol (B9) Materna (C12)
Kifly Lumexis Magnetic Autocontrol Materna
Mexia Interactive (C22) NCR Corporation (D19) SITA OnAir (C14) Panasonic (D2)
Mexia Interactive NCR Corporation SITA OnAir Panasonic
PrehKeyTec (A20) Rimowa (D20) Rockwell Collins (B2/A4) SITA (C14)
PrehKeyTec Rimowa Rockwell Collins SITA / OnAir
Touchpoint Global (C18) Type22 (B26) Vision-Box (A21)
Touchpoint Global Type 22 Vision-Box

EXPO Seminar StageEXPO Seminar Stage

In addition to showcasing dynamic vendors and concepts, the exhibition floor will also provide wider learning opportunities through two EXPO Seminar Stages with FTE-developed seminar sessions, complemented by IATA-led educational workshops.

The EXPO Seminar Stage is scheduled to run as follows:

EXPO Seminar stage show schedule