Future Travel Experience Global 2015 – ‘On the Ground’ Conference

FTE Global 2015 Theme

Since Future Travel Experience was founded in 2006, enhancing the airport experience has been at the very heart of our efforts, and although we have extended our focus to also include the in-flight experience in recent years, improving the passenger experience on the ground remains just as important to us as ever before.

Reflecting this, FTE Global 2015 will include a dedicated ‘On the Ground’ conference stream focusing on the latest developments and future trends relating to each of the key passenger touch points and technologies, including pre-travel, check-in and validation, baggage, security and facilitation, immigration, arrivals and post-travel, in addition to sessions exploring the future role of mobile and wearable technology, beaconsrobotics and AI in the airport of the future.

Reflecting our “end-to-end” focus, delegates will also have access to the ‘Up in the Air’ conference stream.

hat-trick-120x120THE FTE GLOBAL 2015 KEYNOTE HAT-TRICK

Las Vegas is the home of magic, and we have lined up a trio of truly outstanding household name keynotes, each of which is playing a crucial role in our changing world today, and will continue to drive positive change in the future, directly impacting the end-to-end travel experience. These keynotes will open each day of the show, and we are delighted to announce that the first two keynotes will come from:



Facebook keynote


hat-trick final announcement


The full agenda will be released in the coming weeks, but we can reveal that there will be sessions focusing on:

  • How new technology, collaboration and innovation can redefine the end-to-end travel experience
  • Airport Futures and radical streamlining of passenger touch points
  • E-tags and connected bags: Preparing for the next generation of baggage advancements

Plus the following dedicated interactive Forums and Symposiums:


The full agenda will be released in the coming weeks, but if you are looking to get an even better flavour of what you can expect from an FTE “On the Ground” conference please see last year’s agenda below:
  • Workshops/Sessions
  • Social events/Networking

2014 Conference Programme

Event Theme - "Reinventing the passenger experience through innovation, personalization and connectivity"

* invited to conference

Wednesday 24th September

09.30 – 12:30

Airport Terminal of the Future Members Forum

Future termainal

Airport Terminal of the Future provides a discussion forum on important issues that will drive the evolution of future terminal planning and design. Its mission is to explore and investigate future trends, design concepts and technological innovations that will change the way airport terminals will be designed and used by the next generation of passengers. Airport Terminal of the Future aims to improve the industry through a collegial discussion between leading professionals from around the world who offer a diverse range of perspectives, including airports, airlines, consulting firms, the supply chain and academia.

The last Airport Terminal of the Future workshop was hosted by the Port Authority of NY & NJ in September 2012 (see photo above right). 95 Aviation Industry experts from around the world attended this interactive workshop to discuss “Big Ideas” of the future. The impressive list of attendees represented many US and International Airports, Airlines, Regulatory agencies, Independent aviation organizations and consultants with combined experience of more than 1800 years. We hope for a similar turn out in Vegas this year.

09.30 – 10:55

Future airport facilities – Inspiration from the best of today, tomorrow and from other sectors

Chairman: Kiran Merchant,
CEO, DY Consultants

DY Consultants

Designing and delivering the first fully self-service check-in hall in North America

Dean Bouchard,
Director, Infrastructure, Halifax International Airport Authority

Halifax International Airport Authority

Gensler and SFO are working together on the REACH (Revenue Enhancement and Customer Hospitality) programme – an aspirational document for architects, designers, tenants and SFO employees. How is this collaboration progressing and will REACH set a benchmark for other airports to aspire to?

Nupur Sinha,
Aviation Practice Area Northwest Associate, Gensler


Rick Thall,
Project Manager, Project Manager, San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport
11.05 – 12:30

Future airport facilities – Unconference session

Unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven approach, which will see the conference room rearranged into a series of specific working groups, where delegates will be challenged with a series of tasks to discuss, and draw conclusions on, which they will then be asked to share with the whole group.

Break out Session: Create the Stakeholder Vision of the Terminal of the Future

A facilitated small group discussion that will create our stakeholder vision for the airport terminal of the future for the following six terminal departure and arrival processes:

  1. Curbside (Airport Access, Curbside Check-in, Baggage, Amenities)
  2. Lobby (Ticketing, Check-in, Baggage)
  3. Passenger Screening (Queuing, TSA, Reconciliation)
  4. Concourse and Gates (Amenities, Concessions, Hold rooms, Boarding)
  5. Domestic Arrival (Baggage, Baggage Claim, Meeter and Greeter, Welcome Center, Ground Transportation)
  6. International Arrival/CBP Processes (Baggage, Meeter and Greeter, Welcome Center, Arrivals Lounge, Ground Transportation)
12:30 – 13:30  |  Lunch break
13:30 – 15:00

Baggage Advancements Forum

Baggage Advancements Forum

Questions to consider:

  • Are home-printed and permanent bag tags reliable, and how dominant will they be in the future baggage process?
  • In the future it looks likely that passengers and bags will be moving en masse through the travel process separately, so what will this mean from facilitation, security and ease-of-travel perspectives?
  • What is the future model for providers that facilitate baggage delivery? Will airlines and airports help to facilitate it, or will it be new independent providers, or a hybrid?
  • What is the optimum set-up for a self-service bag drop, and how can airports and airlines reduce processing times?
  • Why is common-use bag drop not rolling out faster?
  • What problems will increases in the level of hand luggage, and taking tagging away from the airport environment, create for stakeholders in the long-term?

How do we provide an all-encompassing and consistent baggage offer for passengers worldwide, and how will the future trend of passengers and bags travelling separately impact travel facilitators and processes?

Workshop that begins with case studies on advanced baggage initiatives and key topics, before moving into a wider panel discussion on the tensions between industry stakeholders and passengers in this area.

Chairman: David Bourgon,
Manager, Airport IT Services, McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport

Experiences and lessons learned from launching home-printed and permanent bag tags

Samir Cadi,
Program Manager, Air France-KLM

Air France KLM

David Van Hoytema,
CFO and Business Development, FastTrack Company

FastTrack Company

Lessons learned from two years of extensive experience with automated common-use bag drop in Norway to help you make the case for airline use, and insight into how two new airport terminals are being built with these findings in mind.

Jens Andreas Huseby,
Senior IT Advisor - Corporate IT - IT Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Avinor


Yngvar Sundsfjord,
Chief Project Manager, COWI


How 'Bring Your Own Device', and industry stakeholders accessing external data, can finally give passengers the same control of their baggage experience as they get across every other part of their journey.

Joint presentation from:

Todd Coons,
Senior Director, Net Tracer

Net Tracer

Max Behan,
IT Development Manager, HomingPIN


Additional panellists:

Bob Miles
President, HomeServ Delivery & BAGS Inc.

HomeServ Delivery & BAGS Inc. HomeServ Delivery & BAGS Inc.

Rick Warther,
President & CEO, Vanguard ID Systems

Vanguard ID Systems
15:00 – 15:30  |  Coffee break
15:30 – 17:00

Sponsored by:


New Technology Forum

New Technology Forum

Questions to consider:

  • What have been the results of trialling iBeacons, and can they effectively personalise the journey through the airport?
  • To what extent will roving agents carrying iPads, PDAs and other devices spell the end of traditional airline check-in desks and kiosks?
  • How can new technologies be used to help sell the passenger personalised and unique offers related to their travel itinerary, such as fast track security or entry to tourist attractions at their arrival destination?
  • Does the industry really need to adopt a common use approach to beacons or does this approach benefit the major IT providers more than airlines and passengers?
  • What is the ideal connectivity platform on which to run mobile-based customer service solutions – Wi-Fi, 4G, Hotspot 2.0 etc?
  • Will faster Internet speeds at airports enable passengers to quickly download movies, music and content ahead of boarding flights?
  • Which techniques and technologies have been implemented to improve the customer experience in other industries that could be utilised by airlines and airports?

Leveraging next-generation technology to empower staff, drive ancillary revenue generation and help improve the airport experience

Workshop that begins with case studies on the utilisation of new technologies, before moving into a wider panel discussion on which technologies travel industry stakeholders should be planning for.

Chairman’s presentation: How developments in areas such as Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Mobility Solutions and Social Business offer new means to improving passenger experience to differentiate in the market and reduce operational cost.

Chairman: Rob Ranieri,
Vice President and Partner Global Apple iOS Development Centers,
IBM Global Business Services


Results and lessons learned from Air France-KLM’s pilots deploying iPads in the hands of frontline staff, and a preview of other new projects

Cees de Vos,
Director Innovation Outstations & Partnerships, Air France-KLM


Leverage innovative technologies to improve customer services, loyalty & retail experience

Joe Chiu,
Vice President, Corporate IT, Changi Airport Group

Changi Airport Group

How American Airlines is simplifying the passenger experience at DFW with the industry’s biggest deployment of iBeacons

Phillip Easter,
Director Mobile Apps and Wearables, American Airlines

American Airlines

Additional panellists:

Jimmy Buchheim
CEO, Bluvision


Augusto de Macedo Santos,
Director, Technical Sales, Americas, Rockwell Collins / ARINC

17:00 – 17:30
Opening and welcome reception
17:30 – 18:30

Opening Keynote Session

Welcome Addresses

Daniel Coleman,
Founder, Future Travel Experience

Future Travel Experience

Rob Elliott,
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

What can the travel industry learn from Disney’s guest experience principles and latest initiatives, such as MyMagic+, to help create the most seamless and personalised end-to-end travel experience possible?

Bob Simmonds VP Domestic Travel Operations, Disney Destinations

Bob is responsible for helping to create the most magical experience possible for guests planning to visit any Disney destination worldwide. Whether through a phone call, an email, a web chat or even a letter, Disney helps its guests create "magical memories that last a lifetime”. Bob’s responsibilities include driving sales and guest satisfaction using advanced people, process, technology and strategies, “while sprinkling a little pixie dust”. He is also responsible for product development and the P&L for the Walt Disney Travel Company, one of the world's leading travel wholesalers providing Disney products to world-class travel industry partners and consumers. In this keynote address, he will help travel industry stakeholders identify how they can learn from Disney’s approach to help improve their own guest experience.

18:30 – 20:00

Take advantage of the vital networking opportunities provided at this Welcome Reception, where delegates can enjoy demonstrations in the exhibition for the first time during the event, as well as drinks and entertainment inspired by this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, which like FTE Global brings together nationalities from all over the world in one place to showcase the best of the best.

Entertainment will include a penalty shoot-out, where a nominated representative from each country in attendance at the show will participate in a ‘sudden death knockout’ competition. The winning penalty taker, and their fellow country representatives, will be immortalised in a trophy lifting ceremony at the end of the evening!

Once more, the Welcome Reception will begin early so participants have more scope to network outside of the official event proceedings.

End of day

Thursday 25th September

08:00 – 09:00
09:00 – 10:30
FTE Global, Up in the Air Conference

FTE 'On the Ground' Keynote Address and Opening Session

After an opening presentation, our keynote will lead a panel discussion with a group of experts and leaders in change management and airport transformation, as well as encourage participation from the audience.

FTE Exclusive – Launch of Industry Changing Research
Airport Transformation – 'A Roadmap to Viability'

Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar CEO,
Fast Future Research

Fast Future

Like every other industry across the globe, airports are beginning to acknowledge that the strategies, ways of working and business models of the past are simply not enough to ensure success in the 21st century. Fundamental transformation is now required in the thinking, assumptions and beliefs that underpin airport strategies and operating models. In this keynote, global aviation industry futurist and award-winning speaker Rohit Talwar will launch the findings of a new study exploring how the industry can transform itself to succeed in the face of a constantly changing external environment.

Rohit will draw on lessons and examples from within the sector, and from firms in other sectors that have delivered successful transformations. He will highlight how they are reworking their strategy, culture and practices to create effective organisations for the 21st century. To help drive real action, Rohit will step delegates through a 'roadmap to viability', highlighting the critical decisions and actions that need to be taken to establish an airport that is fit for the future.

Additional panellists:

Ken Bostock
Managing Director, Airport Strategy, United Airlines

United Airlines

Craig Richmond
President and CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

Vancouver Airport Authority
10:30 - 11:15  |  Coffee break on the exhibition floor
11:15 - 12:45

Second Working Session - What are the future collaboration models that will help achieve progress at the real passenger pain-points - airport security and inbound immigration?

future collaboration

Questions to consider:

  • How far are we from creating seamless, walkthrough security and immigration checkpoints, and what can be done to achieve this goal as soon as possible?
  • Should the industry be embracing a risk-based approach to expedite the security process?
  • How can the airport security and immigration processes be improved through design, as opposed to new technologies?
  • How far can we go with Automated Passport Control globally, and is it the key to solving unacceptably long queues at international arrivals?
  • What impact has sequestration had on the airport security and immigration process in the US and what should airports do to ensure that security standards aren’t negatively affected by the governmental cuts?

Chairman's Presentation: Several various effective efforts are being done to improve the airport customs and security processes, as well as other new technologies that may help create a single passenger token to facilitate a more seamless travel experience. What is being deployed and what can we expect for the next few years?

Antoine Rostworowski,
Industry Relations, Montréal Trudeau International Airport & Chair of the ACI World IT Standing Committee

Montréal Trudeau International Airport ACI World IT Standing Committee

Special presentations to set the scene and show what is possible through true innovation and collaboration in these areas, before moving into a wider panel discussion on the best means to improve passenger experiences in these areas going forward.

As a part of his Year of Action, President Obama has a major focus on tourism growth and has targeted significant customer experience improvements at US airports to make its gateways more attractive to airlines and travellers. What actions and new collaboration models is this effort creating?

Dan Tanciar,
Director - Travel and Tourism Initiatives, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Chicago O’Hare was the first airport in the US to launch Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks following a collaborative project with its airline partners and US CBP, leading to a 27.5% decrease in the average wait time at customs. How has this been achieved, what lessons have been learned and what are the future APC plans?

Joint presentation from :

Richard Edgeworth,
Chief of Safety and Security, Chicago Department for Aviation

Chicago Department for Aviation

KLM's vision for efficient passenger facilitation using biometrics, amongst other technologies

Cees de Vos,
Director Innovation Outstations & Partnerships, Air France-KLM

Air France KLM
12:45 - 14:00  |  Lunch on the exhibition floor
14:00 – 14:45
FTE Global, Up in the Air Conference FTE Global, Up in the Air Conference

Post-lunch Joint Keynote for all conference delegates

FTE Global 2014 Exclusive - Integrating the destination into every part of a passenger’s travel experience: the airplane, the airport, and the city.

A passenger’s destination is the most important element of every journey. Capturing the spatial, emotional, and cultural qualities of this destination throughout the passenger journey will be a key differentiator in the design of future experiences. In this session, a multi-disciplinary team, representing academia, technology, design and government, explain how they are pushing the boundaries of design thinking and technology to connect passengers to the places they experience. The panel will discuss the design processes, outcomes and partnerships that have started to turn this idea into reality, and present their goals for the future of passenger experiences around the globe.

Anijo Mathew
Associate Professor, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago Anijo Mathew

Muki Hansteen-Izora
Research Scientist & Senior Strategist, Intel Labs Muki Hansteen-Izora

Melissa Cherry
VP of Cultural Tourism & Neighborhoods, Choose Chicago Melissa Cherry

Cameron Campbell
Principle Communications Strategist, TEAGUE Cameron Campbell

14:45 – 15:45

Third working session – Planning for the Airport of 2030 – what are the key technologies and other considerations that you should be planning for to ensure your organisation can meet the demands of the passenger of 2030 while they are on the ground, and how do you bridge the gap between now and then?

Third working session

Questions to consider:

  • What are the key emerging technologies that will be commonplace in the airport of 2030?
  • What steps should airports and airlines take now to ensure they are well placed to capitalise on emerging technologies to enhance day-to-day operations and the passenger experience?
  • What are the spending habits of passengers likely to be in 2030 and how do you position your business to maximise upon these likely trends?
  • Should airports and airlines be working with traditional aviation IT providers, or should they be teaming up with the global tech giants who are now taking an active interest in travel?
  • How do we reach the point where a single token is used for every step of the passenger journey, and is facial recognition the platform for this token?
  • How will the role of the airline agent change between now and 2030?

Each speaker will deliver a five-minute presentation on a specified topic after the Chairman has set the scene, before taking part in an interactive Q&A debate.

Chairman’s presentation: A view on what customer service expectations will be in 2030

Chairman: Rick Garlick,
Global Practice Lead – Travel and Hospitality Group, JD Power

JD Power

A view on how consumer technologies will interact with airport infrastructure in 2030

Clark Brown
Vice President of Sales, LG Electronics

LG Electronics

A view on how airports will support airline and passenger demands in 2030

Mike Hardaker
Head of Business Improvement, Dubai Airports

Dubai Airports

A view on how airport systems will evolve by 2030

Betros Wakim
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer, AirIT

15:45 - 16:15  |  Coffee break
16:15 – 17:15

Redefining end-to-end passenger experiences keynote session

Sam Ingalls

Chairman: Samuel Ingalls,
Assistant Director of Aviation, Information Systems, McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport

Views from the world’s first LCC to operate both short-haul and long-haul on how airlines can take ownership of, and redefine, the end-to-end passenger experience


Bjorn Erik Barman-Jenssen,
Senior Vice President Ground Operations, In-flight Services & Cargo, Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Views from one of the world’s leading hospitality companies on how the end-to-end travel experience can be truly enhanced and redefined through technology and collaboration

Sam Ingalls

Josh Weiss,
VP Brand and Guest Technology, Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide
20:00 – 23:00
Gala evening

Location – House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Timing – 20:00 – 23:00
Dress code – Business casual

Taking place at the notoriously "cool" House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, McCarran International Airport, with the support of Rockwell Collins, will be hosting a memorable evening with the finest food, drink and entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer. The venue provides a funky, folk-art atmosphere and Southern-inspired cuisine. Its music hall is the current home of resident artist Carlos Santana and the perfect venue for legendary events.

Music will be at the heart of the evening's proceedings and in addition to great, live professional music, we will be also be hosting "Rock Star Karaoke". So, as well as providing a forum for all delegates to have their say in the conference room, we will also be offering them the opportunity to share their voices with a live band behind them at the FTE Gala Party! The evening will culminate with the 2014 Future Travel Experience Awards ceremony, and a headline performance from Nevada's leading Stevie Wonder tribute.

End of day

Friday 26th September

09:15 – 10:15

Outside of the box thinking to show what will be possible by leveraging new technology throughout the travel continuum

Visionary Keynotes

Ryan Ghee

Chairman: Ryan Ghee,
Editor & Event Strategy Manager, Future Travel Experience

Future Travel Experience
Greg Jones

The future view on how technology and consumer needs will evolve, and how travel industry stakeholders should adapt to these changes

Greg Jones,
Industry Director, Worldwide Hospitality & Travel, Microsoft

Matt Muta

Using technology to leverage consistency across the entire journey

Matt Muta,
VP Innovation & Commercial Technologies, Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines
10:15 – 11:00  |  Coffee on the exhibition floor
11:00 – 12:30

The FTE Wearable Technology Forum

Wearable Technology

Is wearable a fad or, as recent evidence suggests, a powerful new tool in travel?

In recent months, interest around utilising wearable technology in a travel context has exploded. First Virgin Atlantic launched a groundbreaking trial using Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches to deliver a high-tech, personalised passenger experience in the Upper Class Wing at London Heathrow Airport, and since then we have heard publicly that London City Airport is exploring how it can leverage Google Glass from an airport operations perspective. We’ve also had further announcements from the likes of Iberia, Vueling and airberlin that their passengers will be able to download boarding passes directly to their wearable devices.

However, we are only scratching the surface of what is possible through wearable technology across the travel continuum and this Forum will provide an invaluable platform for first-movers to share what they are doing, and the lessons they have learned along the way. It will provide a unique platform for our speakers and audience to explore together where wearable technology is going next and how airlines, airports, service providers, concessionaires, immigration, security agencies and other travel industry stakeholders can take advantage of these technologies to improve future business performance and passenger experiences.

Format: Cutting-edge case study presentations to showcase how wearable technology is being leveraged today, before moving into a wider panel discussion on where the technology is going next and what opportunities it might present for the travel sector going forward.

Chairman’s Opening Presentation:

Thoughts on next-generation wearable devices, such as those that will allow you to unlock personal devices and pay bills using only your biometrics, and what these might mean for travel.

Julian Beltrán,
CEO, Droiders
julian beltran



Since February this year, Virgin Atlantic has been trialling smartwatches and Google Glass in its Upper Class Wing at Heathrow to provide next-generation customer service to passengers. What are the results and lessons learned from these first-mover efforts, and will wearable be a key technology leveraged by the airline going forward?

Joint presentation from:

Tim Graham,
IT Innovation and Development Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Jim Peters,
Chief Technology Officer, SITA


Lessons learned and results from JAL's wearable technology trials, and their views on whether wearable could play an important part in many aspects of the end-to-end travel experiences in the future

Andrew Kenji Wang Fujiyama,
Manager Planning Group Web Sales, Japan Airlines*

Japan Airlines
12:30 – 13:45  |  Lunch on the exhibition floor
13:45 – 14:45
FTE Global, Up in the Air Conference FTE Global, Up in the Air Conference

Unconference Sessions


Unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven approach, which will see the conference room rearranged into a series of specific working areas where delegates (who will be led by a specialist facilitator) can share experiences and ideas across the following subjects:

Strategies to enhance the end-to-end travel experience

Facilitated by Duncan Abell,
VP of Creative, Global Eagle Entertainment

Global Eagle Entertainment

The future of airport common use

Facilitated by David Kershaw
Director, Kershaw & Associates Ltd

Questions to consider:

  • What role will the Cloud play in future common use solutions?
  • It's clear that a "one-size-fits-all" common use solution isn't feasible. But is common use still the best approach for all airline and airport types (e.g. LCCs and legacy carriers? Hub and regional airports)?
  • Would a "pay-as-you-go" pricing model and shorter contracts between airports and vendors help to increase common use and CUPPS uptake?
  • What impact will the increasing use of self-service in the airport environment have on future CUPPS uptake?

Leveraging technology onboard to personalise passenger experiences and drive spending

Facilitated by Raymond Kollau,
Founder, AirlineTrends.com


Leveraging technology at the airport to personalise passenger experiences and drive spending

Facilitated by Glenn Tinley,
President and Founder, MEXIA Interactive

15:30 – 17:00
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport tour End of day