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Ryanair to introduce mobile boarding passes


Ryanair’s confirmation that it will offer mobile boarding passes comes just two months after CEO Michael O’Leary told FTE that the airline had no plans to introduce them “because it won’t save money”.

Ryanair’s confirmation that it will offer mobile boarding passes comes just two months after CEO Michael O’Leary told FTE that the airline had no plans to introduce them “because it won’t save money”.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has confirmed that the airline will introduce mobile boarding passes by summer 2014.

O’Leary this week took part in a live Twitter debate and when questioned about the high charges for printing a boarding pass at the airport and the possibility of allowing passengers to show their booking confirmation on their mobile phone, he replied: “(We are) working on it. Should be in place for S14.”

Following the Twitter session, FTE contacted the airline’s public relations agency, which confirmed that Ryanair is developing a mobile boarding pass.

This latest stance is at odds with what the Ryanair CEO told FTE in an exclusive interview in August, when he stated that the airline would not offer mobile boarding passes “because it won’t save money”.

The news that Ryanair will introduce mobile boarding passes follows the recent introduction of the technology by easyJet at seven UK airports.

It is also the latest development in the airline’s recent move towards a more customer-friendly approach, which includes the launch of a Twitter handle and an effort to respond more quickly to customer complaints.


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4 comments from our readers

  1. Adam says:

    Ryanair’s move to provide a better customer experience certainly seems to be moving in the right direction, but arguably, still falls short of expectation. Although it is evident that new services have been implemented, these will be at a charge to the customer or failure to comply with such changes will incur penalties. For example, the new designated seating policy; finally customers don’t have to run for seats… providing they are willing to pay an additional fee for such a privilege. Furthermore, those who do pay for designated seating are able to check in online from 30 days before travelling. However if you do not pay this new designated seating fee you will not be able to check in online until only 7 days before. The consequence of such a rule is that passengers travelling for over 7 days will need to find an internet connection and printer to check in for their return flight or be forced to pay a £70pp fee, which is an obvious inconvenience and in some instances an impossibility.

    • Pedro says:

      Hi Adam, I do not work for Ryanair, or am in any way connected to the company, other than being a frequent flyer. That being said I agree with what you wrote, up to the part where you said that we have to pay £70pp fee for the re print of the boarding card.. Ryanair also changed the amount charged for that, I believe since the 1st of February you only have to pay £15..

      • Peter says:

        You have to pay £15 for them to print the boarding pass and £70 for checking in at the airport. Extortionate fees.

        • Peter says:

          Once again Ryanair have introduced what appears to be a hidden fee – you don’t realise until after you’ve booked that you’ll have the inconvenience of printing your boarding passes whilst you are away for more than 7 days unless you pay extra to enable you to print them before you go – this is effectively another “hidden charge” from Ryanair.

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