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The industry forum where the future of baggage handling will be defined

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) brings together the most innovative and progressive baggage supply chain companies, airlines, and airports from across the industry to provide a unique platform for cooperation and industry advancement. It is the platform for developing new techniques, technologies, and business models to deliver tangible change in the baggage sector. Our members regularly come together to learn from one another and collaborate on game-changing proof of concepts (POCs) to reduce costs, improve passenger experience, and test innovations.

It is a genuinely engaged community and the industry’s best learning and networking platform for those serious about baggage. Our Captains from Southwest Airlines, Avinor, Air Canada & Greater Toronto Airports Authority are senior figures who manage busy operations. They are paired with the highly respected Samuel Ingalls and Darin Juby to moderate and lead our discussions.

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BIWG Partner Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to In-Person FTE BIWG meetings around FTE shows in Dublin, Los Angeles & Singapore
  • Access to special events such as visiting live POC locations
  • Access to Virtual FTE BIWG meetings every 6 weeks, and the recordings of those meetings
  • Access the BIWG community app for information on upcoming meetings, past session recordings, and to connect with other members.
  • Access to news on major new baggage projects, and the approaches they are taking
  • Learn what challenges really matter to the industry – sharpen your insight into business needs and better understand your customers
  • Exclusive articles and thought leadership pieces for our membership, which summarise industry trends and developments
  • Discounts on FTE event passes and early offerings of exhibition opportunities
  • Official materials for members to showcase their involvement
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BIWG Airport Lab Network Partner Benefits Include:

  • Access to an online collaboration environment – a managed space where companies can work together to deliver proofs of concepts.
  • Access to a dedicated environment to keep in touch with industry leaders steering baggage developments.
  • Access to live airport environments in our network of participating airports to demonstrate the POC implementations.
  • Access to a RP1755 compliant baggage broker to provide airline and airport data during POCs
  • An exclusivity period to commercialise the POC outputs before they are shared outside of the Airport Lab Network.
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What’s coming Up:

  • 17 Jul 2024 – Virtual members meeting
    Content plans: Discussion on off-airport bag processing – a capacity and passenger experience enhancer? ­Presentations to be confirmed will focus on areas including potential barriers to implementation, how topics fit into the group’s collective list of priorities, and the airport vs airline perspective.

  • 18 Sep 2024 – Virtual members meeting
    Content plans: Discussion on recovering bags with passengers – how do we collectively improve? The September virtual meeting will include a focus on the RUSH process for quick recovery of mishandled bags, highlighting automation, expediency and passenger visibility.

  • 28 Oct 2024 – Face-to-face members meeting in LA ahead of FTE Global getting underway that day
    Content plans: Discussion centring on check-in – what is the future for a seamless experience? The next in-person members meeting, taking place alongside FTE Global, will examine what future bag drops will look like, as well as tagging, capacity and flow enhancements.

  • 18 Nov 2024 – Face-to-face members meeting in Singapore alongside FTE APEX Asia Expo / virtual members meeting
    Content plans: Discussion on outbound baggage loading and movement – what will this look like in five years? November’s in-person members meeting will explore areas including loading, movement, scanning, load cells, and more.

  • 18 Dec 2024 – Virtual members meeting
    Content plans: The final virtual members meeting of 2024 will focus on the “year in review”, while also providing an update on current Proof of Concepts and looking ahead to plans for 2025.

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