About Future Travel Experience

  • Established in 2006, FTE is an independent online media, events and industry change leader
  • Dedicated to enhancing the end-to-end passenger experience and business performance
  • Four events around the world – FTE Global, FTE Asia EXPO, FTE Europe, FTE Ancillary
  • Online features and news – www.FutureTravelExperience.com
  • Highly-regarded Think Tanks, Power Lists and Industry Awards

In 2017 over 3,000 industry executives registered for FTE events, and the FTE website received over one million page views

In short, FTE supports the innovation efforts of the most progressive stakeholders in the air transport and travel space

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Future Travel Experience Staff Profiles

Daniel ColemanDaniel Coleman – Founder & Event Director

Daniel is the key driver behind the Future Travel Experience business unit. Having worked at PPS Publications for over 15 years, he played an integral role in the introduction of the disCUSS event back in 2006 and since then has successfully overseen its evolution into Future Travel Experience, which through its range of events and online media creates dialogue and knowledge sharing between stakeholders worldwide to help improve the end-to-end passenger experience.

Corrie ThompsonCorrie Thompson, Head of Commercial, Future Travel Experience

Corrie heads up the commercial activities across FTE’s international events and media portfolio. Passionate about travel, design and technology, Corrie previously helped to build Mobile World Congress into one of the world’s most successful industry trade shows, and also has extensive experience delivering consumer electronics shows.

Ryan GheeRyan Ghee – Head of Strategy, Engagement & Content

Ryan manages and produces the editorial content for FutureTravelExperience.com and contributes to the strategic direction of the FTE Global, FTE EMEA, FTE Asia EXPO and FTE Ancillary events. He also leads the FTE Innovation & Startup Hub. A holder of a BA (Hons) in Multi-Media Journalism, he has previously been Editor of ACI Asia-Pacific Airports magazine and Assistant Editor of PPS Publications’ vast portfolio of other titles. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing a range of sports and watching Aston Villa attempt to play football.

Ross Falconer – Managing EditorRoss Falconer

Ross has worked at PPS Publications for over 15 years, where he is editor of a number of titles, including ACI EUROPE Airport Business and the TFWA Dailies. Having covered the disCUSS and Check-In events prior to their evolution into Future Travel Experience, he is now also a key member of the Future Travel Experience editorial team.

Marta Dimitrova – Editor & Hub Community Manager, Future Travel ExperienceMarta Dimitrova

Marta is the Editor & Hub Community Manager for Future Travel Experience and she is responsible for producing weekly editorial content for the FTE e-newsletter and website. In 2012, her passion for writing put her on a plane from her beloved home city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, all the way to the British seaside town of Bournemouth, where she studied Communication and Media. Her love of travel eventually brought her to PPS. Like any good journalist, you can always find Marta in the pub, where she will be regaling anyone who’ll listen with tales about the beautiful Bulgarian mountains and how yogurt was invented in her home country.

Catherine NoakesCatherine Noakes – Head of Events & Association Business

Catherine started working for PPS selling advertising on ACI EUROPE’s Communiqué Airport Business Magazine. After a few years she moved to the events side of the business, selling across the exhibition portfolio and then onto a position as Exhibition Ops Manager. Now embarking on a new challenge as Head of Events, Catherine is very excited to face the challenges of this new role within the company. With a love of travel (just as well really) Catherine is always ready to embrace the social aspects of the job and has a voice that can allegedly be heard from space.

Ali Loving – Events Manager

After graduating from the University of Leeds in 2010, Ali surprised herself whilst backpacking through South America by hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu, delving down a Bolivian mine and mountain biking down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’. After falling in love with travelling, organising events for PPS is the perfect fit, allowing her to discover new places and at the end of a busy event day – sit down for a gin and tonic.

Gill ExcellGill Excell – Events Executive

With two children now in secondary school, Gill decided to revamp her career and joined PPS in April 2019. Fulfilling her love of socialising, organising and visiting new countries, Gill is normally found working away quietly not disturbing anyone! Apart from her constant singing and very loud laugh that has been described as a cackle!

Sophie AndrewsSophie Andrews – Exhibition Operations Manager

Since graduating from university and finding out that she could make a career from her favourite pastime – organising, Sophie has worked in the events industry. Sophie has experience running all types of events from gala dinners, conferences and corporate annuals. She has worked for the internationally renowned venues Earls Court and Olympia and was part of the team that managed all Team GB’s fundraising events for the 2012 Olympics. Out of work the organising carries on, even the spreadsheets, but with a social emphasis and a big glass of wine in hand!

Keith BateupKeith Bateup – e-Commerce & Web Development Manager

Keith has been with PPS for over seven years and heads up our web and online marketing department, however his interest in the web started many years before Web 2.0, back when the only internet browser available was Netscape Navigator. Since then his passion has developed into a highly successful career helping business exploit the benefits of e-commerce. In his spare time he plays guitar (poorly) and enjoys watching his football team, Crystal Palace, lose most weeks.

Jiger PatelJiger Patel – Web Development Manager

Jiger is responsible for maintaining all company websites and implement effective email marketing campaigns. He’s hard-working, dedicated, passionate and focused individual, with a wide range of skill set and an aptitude to learn and grow. He has a strong background, with over 6 years experience in the web industry and has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects using many different technologies. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing a bit of football.

Rob Cakebread – Web Developer

After previously attaining an degree in Games Technology in 2015, Rob made the move to Web Development after gaining an interest in the sector while completing his university course. After initially working on the websites of a company specialising in employee benefits, Rob made the move to PPS in 2017 where he is now responsible for creating email campaigns and maintaining our sites. When not in the office he enjoys playing football for a local team.

JendeRichard Jende – Head Designer

Richard joined PPS over 10 years ago and works on all things design within the company. Originally a designer working primarily in print, he has now embraced the digital age and loves experimenting with design in new media such as video and web animation. When his nose isn’t to the grindstone, he likes nothing more than to deafen his neighbours with his drum kit and hit some trails on his mountain bike.

Magdalena MatejewskaMagdalena Matejewska – Graphic Designer

Magdalena is from Warmia in Poland, a region known for its beautiful lakes and forests. She moved to London in 2013 to discover the quirks of living in a big city, and hasn’t looked back since. She has a background in fine arts, having studied sculpture at the University of Torun, before developing a passion for graphic design. When not busy creating new designs, she loves exploring London and its countless galleries. She’s also mad about corgis!


PPS Publications

PPS Publications is a specialist air transport publisher and event organiser based near London Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom. The company produces highly successful conferences, exhibitions and publications for leading associations such as ACI EUROPE and TFWA. It also delivers highly acclaimed independent events, publications and e-products, including anna.aeroThe Route Shop, the British-Irish Airports EXPO and, of course, Future Travel Experience.

To learn more, please visit the PPS Publications website