About Future Travel Experience and our team

In 2023, more than 4,400 industry executives registered for FTE events, and the FTE website received 1.2 million+ page views.

In short, FTE supports the innovation efforts of the most progressive stakeholders in the air transport sector.

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Future Travel Experience Team

Daniel Coleman, Founder & CEO, Future Travel Experience
Daniel is the key driver behind the Future Travel Experience business unit. Having worked on a behalf of air transport associations at the beginning of his career he launched the disCUSS event back in 2006 and since then has successfully overseen its evolution into Future Travel Experience, which through its range of events, communities, industry change initiatives & online media creates dialogue and knowledge sharing between stakeholders worldwide to help improve end-to-end passenger experiences, and business performance across the sector. daniel.coleman@futuretravelexperience.com

Ryan Ghee

Ryan Ghee, Chief Operating Officer, Future Travel Experience
As COO of Future Travel Experience, Ryan works across FTE’s growing portfolio of international events and communities, ranging from the FTE Aviation & Robotics Summit and FTE APEX Asia Expo to the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub, which he played a central role in launching in 2018. A holder of a BA (Hons) in Multi-Media Journalism, Ryan was previously a journalist and editor of various industry titles. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing sport, exploring new places, and watching Aston Villa attempt to play football. ryan@futuretravelexperience.com

Darin Juby, Head of Baggage Transformation, Future Travel Experience
Over the past 34 years Darin has worked in airport operations, with the last 8 years as Director of Baggage Services at Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). Darin succeeded Andrew Price as Head of Baggage Transformation at FTE in June 2022, after working with us as an FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) Captain since the group’s inception. Darin is focusing with us on driving the BIWG forward to deliver on the missions of the BIWG, and to nurture and develop the membership base. darin.juby@futuretravelexperience.com

Kevin Kleist, Head of Innovation, Digitalisation & Startup Engagement, Future Travel Experience
Kevin joined the FTE team in October 2023 as Head of Innovation, Digitalisation & Startup Engagement. He carries on his very important work as Senior Emerging Trends Advisor for Southwest Airlines, while also helping to drive FTE forward with particular emphasis on nurturing and developing the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub. Kevin has also been a Captain of the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) since the group’s inception and ever-present as Southwest’s lead for its membership of the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub.

Eric Leopold, Content Director, FTE Ancillary & Retailing
Eric is Founder & Managing Director of Threedot and works closely with Future Travel Experience as Content Director for the FTE Ancillary & Retailing event, bringing his unique perspective on the evolution of airline retailing. Prior to launching Threedot – an advisory services company for the travel industry – in 2021, Eric spent 15 years at IATA where he focused on strategy and transformation, leading efforts on important initiatives such as NDC & Simplifying the Business, and key events such as the World Passenger Symposium & World Financial Symposium.

Corrie Thompson

Corrie Thompson, Commercial Director, Future Travel Experience
Corrie heads up the commercial activities across FTE’s international events and media portfolio. Passionate about travel, design and technology, Corrie previously helped to build Mobile World Congress into one of the world’s most successful industry trade shows, and also has extensive experience delivering consumer electronics shows. corrie@futuretravelexperience.com

Michael Butcher

Michael Butcher - Customer Relationship Manager, Future Travel Experience
Michael works on the commercial activities across FTE’s international events, The Baggage Innovation Working Group - BIWG & The Digital, Innovation Start Up Hub. Michael has previously worked for Lexus Nexus, UBM & Informa, with a comprehensive knowledge of print, digital, events and conferences. Passionate about football, cricket and golf. In his spare time – he tries to spend as much time as possible on the Golf Course. michael.butcher@futuretravelexperience.com

Ali Loving, Head of Events, Future Travel Experience
Ali manages the logistical delivery of the FTE event portfolio, including FTE EMEA, FTE Global, FTE Asia and FTE Ancillary events, as well as newly established roster of virtual events and webinars. Responsible for procuring and developing operational platforms, and maintaining relationships with venues, industry partners, and suppliers worldwide. With a love for problem-solving, and a comprehensive excel spreadsheet, she is passionate about delivering high quality, creative and inclusive events, and is driven to providing strong strategical direction, impactful marketing, and innovative solutions to support all business activities. In her personal time, she enjoys following the sun around the world, soaking up the sights and searching for the perfect spot to enjoy a cold glass of wine. ali.loving@futuretravelexperience.com

Sophie Andrews, Head of Operations, Future Travel Experience
Sophie heads up the FTE event operations managing all exhibitor and sponsor logistics. She has worked in the events industry her whole career and has experience managing all types of events. Back in 2012, she was part of the team that managed all Team GB’s fundraising events for the London Olympics, it was after this she came to PPS and started working across the FTE portfolio of international events. The combination of two of her favourite past-times, organising and travel, has meant she has never looked back! Out of work the organising carries on, even the spreadsheets, but with a social emphasis and a big glass of wine in hand! sophie.andrews@futuretravelexperience.com


Emily Huggett, Events Executive, Future Travel Experience
Emily works alongside Ali and Sophie supporting them with the organisation of all FTE events, including the exhibitions, sponsorship, conferences, and attendee logistics. Since starting her career in events, Emily has worked within the hospitality and corporate industry and with her attention to detail she has delivered many successful events. With Emily’s passion for both travel and event planning, FTE was the perfect career move as she took a leap into the world of aviation, joining FTE to focus on organising events internationally. emily.huggett@futuretravelexperience.com


Katie Horan, Portfolio Executive, Future Travel Experience
Having recently graduated in International Event Management with Marketing, Katie discovered a perfect match in FTE to kickstart her career in events. Katie is responsible for providing logistical assistance in delivering the FTE events and across the company portfolio, while fostering member engagement across the Working Groups and affiliated events. Katie’s driven by her passion for the events industry, bringing a fresh perspective through academic insights to optimise FTE’s operations. katie.horan@futuretravelexperience.com

Kerry Parks, Head of Customer Accounts, Future Travel Experience
Kerry has worked with FTE’s sister company, PPS, for over 20 years. Having seen many changes in this time there has always been a new challenge or project for Kerry to use her extreme organisational and, to the point of OCD, efficiency skills in – if you want something done yesterday, see Kerry! With a love of diversity Kerry works across the board on the FTE portfolio, with her main focus on accounts and driving the delegate recruitment. In her free time, Kerry practices martial arts and holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, she also owns an adorable miniature schnauzer kerry@futuretravelexperience.com

Ross Falconer, Head of Content, Future Travel Experience
Ross manages and produces editorial content for the Future Travel Experience website and e-newsletter, as well as supporting FTE’s marketing activities, conferences and webinars. He has a comprehensive background in air transport media and events, working across the extensive PPS portfolio of in-house publications and events, as well as those of its industry association partners. ross.falconer@futuretravelexperience.com

Marta Dimitrova, Editor & Communications Manager, Future Travel Experience
Marta is the Editor & Communications Manager for Future Travel Experience and she is responsible for producing weekly editorial content for the FTE e-newsletter and website. In 2012, her passion for writing put her on a plane from her beloved home city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, all the way to the British seaside town of Bournemouth, where she studied BA (Hons) Communication and Media. Her love of travel eventually brought her to FTE. Like any good journalist, you can always find Marta in the pub, where she will be regaling anyone who’ll listen with tales about the beautiful Bulgarian mountains and how yogurt was invented in her home country. marta@futuretravelexperience.com

Jiger Patel

Jiger Patel, Head of Digital, Future Travel Experience
Meet Jiger, our coding virtuoso with over 12 years of enchanting experience in the web industry. Dedicated, passionate, and remarkably focused, he weaves magic into every line of code, ensuring the perfect harmony on all company websites. Jiger is also a sorcerer in crafting effective email marketing campaigns, showcasing a diverse skill set and a natural aptitude for learning and growth. Outside the digital realm, he enjoys a bit of football magic both on the screen and the field, cheering for his favorite team or scoring goals of his own. jiger@futuretravelexperience.com