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Driving real progression, innovation and collaboration in the aviation industry amongst the 850+ individual corporations members we collectively serve

Future Travel Experience’s role as a dynamic community catalyst and enabler of industry transformation is being spearheaded via its three Communities – the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub, Baggage Innovation Working Group, and World Airport Retailing Working Group. Each Community brings together the industry’s most progressive minds in a welcoming, informal group providing invaluable opportunities for knowledge-sharing, business development, networking and fun.

As a global consortium of thinkers, leaders, and pioneers, we’re committed to transforming the passenger experience through cutting-edge technology and collaborative efforts. From the tarmac to the terminal, our initiatives are setting new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and comfort in the industry. In an era where technology and passenger needs evolve at lightning speed, the FTE Communities stand as a beacon of progress. By harnessing the collective power of our diverse groups, we’re not just anticipating the future of air travel, we’re creating it. Join us as we explore innovative solutions, share insights, and foster partnerships that will lead the aviation sector into a new age of excellence and cooperation.

Innovative Aviation Communities - Future Travel Experience

FTE BIWG Meeting

FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG)

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) aims to revolutionise the way baggage is handled worldwide.

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FTE Digital Innovation

FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub

This platform connects startups, tech innovators, and industry veterans to inspire the next generation of travel technology.

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Airport Retail Innovation

FTE World Airport Retailing Working Group

This community explores innovative strategies to elevate airport retailing.

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