FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group


Darin Juby, Director Baggage Services, Greater Toronto Airports Authority & Head of Baggage Transformation, FTE

Darin Juby, Director Baggage Services at Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) succeeded Andrew Price as Head of Baggage Transformation at FTE in June 2022, after working with us as an FTE BIWG Captain since the group’s inception. Darin carries on with his work for GTAA while driving us forward too, focusing his energy with us to deliver on the missions of the BIWG, and to nurture and develop the membership base.

Samuel Ingalls


Barich, Inc.

Jose Salamo

Associate Director, Baggage Services,

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Jason Odey

Director, Global Baggage Excellence,

Air Canada

Idar Sørgjerd

Manager, Baggage Handling Service, Technical Infrastructure & Innovations,


Kevin Kleist

Emerging Trends Advisor,

Southwest Airlines

Nancy Baggio

Director Baggage Operations and Capacity,

Vancouver Airport

Our Captains – Senior figures from Southwest, Avinor, Toronto Pearson, & Air Canada committed to driving change

Our captains set the high-level agenda for the BIWG. Each day, they tackle reducing operating costs, delivering outstanding customer service, and dealing with operational challenges. As a result, they bring an unparalleled insight into baggage operations globally. Samuel Ingalls, Principal, Barich, Inc. , continues his work with the captains to ensure the working group achieves the ambitions set out in the initial FTE Business Model Transformation Think Tank, which was the catalyst for this effort.

Supported by key figures from the FTE Leadership Team:

Daniel Coleman

Founder & CEO,

Future Travel Experience

Corrie Thompson

Commercial Director

Future Travel Experience

Kerry Parks

Key Account Manager,

Future Travel Experience

Marta Dimitrova

Editor & Hub Community Manager,

Future Travel Experience

Ali Loving

Head of Events,

Future Travel Experience

Ryan Ghee

Head of Strategy & Development,

Future Travel Experience