FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group

Membership Options

Choose the membership option best suited to your organisation’s needs and budget:

The Baggage Innovation Working Group and Airport Lab Network provide two complementary pillars that enable knowledge sharing and practical projects in real customer environments.

Baggage Innovation Working Group Partners get access to the baggage knowledge repository for the industry. The working group provides a networking and knowledge sharing platform for organisations and individuals that are serious about baggage products and innovation. BIWG members have access to the following features:

  • The Baggage Transformation Framework – which transforms ideas into real proof of concept projects
  • The BIWG Portal – where we publish the outputs of the Airport Lab Network for an exclusive period before presenting them at an FTE event
  • Regular updates and briefings on major upcoming baggage projects and the approaches being taken.

What you can expect

  • A series of BIWG meetings and video calls throughout the year – featuring exclusive presentations by our Corporate Partners and discussions exploring collaboration opportunities to demonstrate capabilities to the industry.
  • Learn what challenges really matter to the industry – sharpen your insight into business needs and better understand your customers.
  • Access to news on major new baggage projects, and the approaches they are taking
  • Exclusive articles and thought leadership pieces for our membership, which summarise industry trends and developments.
  • Bi-monthly newsletters featuring content focused on baggage innovation.
  • Discounts on FTE event passes and early offerings of exhibition opportunities.
  • The member community WhatsApp group
  • Official materials for members to showcase their involvement
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Airport Lab Network Partners are companies that are leading the way in baggage innovation work together to answer the challenges of the Baggage Innovation Working Group. In addition to all the benefits outlined in Option 1 Airport Lab Network members also have access to:

  • An online collaboration environment – a managed space where companies can work together to deliver proofs of concepts.
  • Dedicated environment to keep in touch with industry leaders steering baggage developments.
  • Live airport environments in our network of participating airports to demonstrate the POC implementations.
  • RP1755 compliant baggage broker to provide airline and airport data during POCs
  • An exclusivity period to commercialise the POC outputs before they are shared outside of the Airport Lab Network.
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Strategic Partners are companies that are not only leading edge in the world of baggage but want to stand out as leaders in the field. Our Strategic Partners are full members of the BIWG and Airport Lab Network, and also enjoy*:

  • Prominent mentions during all BIWG meetings
  • Inclusion of company logo and description in all BIWG documents
  • Innovation references in articles and thought leadership pieces
  • First refusal on sponsorship opportunities at FTE events
  • Dedicated social media posts from the FTE accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) announcing the company as a BIWG Strategic Partner
  • A thought leadership article/interview published on the FTE website and e-newsletter (40k+ subscribers)
  • Company logo featured on holding slide at the start of each online BIWG meeting (hosted on Zoom)
  • Company logo featured on BIWG holding slide and signage at in-person BIWG meetings
  • Company logo featured on all documents shared before and after online and in-person BIWG meetings.
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