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What do passengers really want?


What do passengers really want chart

High-quality signage, communications and staff have been identified as being a vital element of providing a positive passenger experience, while free WiFi is also high on the modern day passenger’s wish list.

As a result of social media-inspired discussion, and with the assistance of London City Airport’s sales director, Bernard A. Lavelle, we can reveal the views of passengers themselves on what they really want from the airport of the future.

As outlined in the above chart, the aspect that can most improve the passenger experience on the ground is high-quality signage, communications and staff, with almost a third of all respondents highlighting this as a vital passenger requirement.

The second most common request was free WiFi in the terminal building, while improved facilities, processing and queues, and an enhanced security process are also prominent on the passenger wish list. Airport layout was also identified as an area that can make a telling difference to the overall passenger experience.

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  1. K Balasubramaniam says:

    The analysis is quite ok. But in-depth study of the aspirations and requirements of the pax and efforts for fulfilling can be analysed and discussed. The aspiration of the pax vary from region to region as well as continent to continent. Members may share their views, analysis etc.

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