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Spring Airlines trials Google Glass for onboard customer service


Spring Airlines equipped flight attendants with Google Glass

Spring Airlines equipped flight attendants on the Shanghai Hongqiao-Chengdu service with Google Glass to help improve customer service.

Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines has become the first airline to equip its flight attendants with Google Glass to help improve onboard customer service, according to reports by and WCARN.

Cabin crew on a service between Shanghai Hongqiao to Chengdu were the first to trial the device, using it to help identify specific passengers who had requested food and beverages.

While this marks the first customer-facing pilot of wearable technology onboard an aircraft, a number of other airlines have embraced smartglasses and smartwatches on the ground in recent months.

For example, Virgin Atlantic has trialled Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches in the Upper Class Wing at London Heathrow, Copenhagen Airport has completed a trial of Google Glass, and airberlin, Vueling and Iberia have developed smartwatch boarding passes.

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