IER to present innovative self-scanning concept in KL

IER to present innovative self-scanning concept in KL

IER will unveil at Future Travel Experience Asia a unique concept to enhance the self-scanning experience for passengers.

The innovative self-scanning concept is based on an IER Podium Gate Reader, which has been designed to accommodate an agent’s operations during the boarding process.

This new approach to process boarding allows two additional boarding lanes to be positioned side-by-side, operating in a self-service mode under the remote control of the agent. The agent is at the traditional boarding gate counter to treat exceptions while supervising the two self-boarding lanes.

IER’s podium, which is both ergonomic and aesthetic, integrates light and sound replication and indicates the status of boarding process to staff. The agent responsible for the boarding can easily monitor one or two Podium Gate Readers to achieve a secure and fast boarding process.

This concept of self-boarding is based on the IER 602, the latest IER barcode scanner generation.

Next generation passenger processing

IER to present innovative self-scanning concept in KL

The IER 602 is the advanced, versatile scanner that takes your airport or airline operation into the next generation of passenger processing. By incorporating flat bed multi-format barcode reading with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) reading technology into a scanner with a bright active LCD display, IER delivers the ideal product for reading mobile devices and enabling passenger self-scanning.

At a time when passengers require more services, and airlines and airports are exploring new ways to process passengers, IER continues to design innovative solutions to extend the self-service experience.

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