Vision-Box and Four Winds Interactive join FTE Europe exhibition – only 10 stands left!

Vision-Box and Four Winds Interactive to exhibit at FTE Europe 2014.
Vision-Box and Four Winds Interactive will join Access IS, AirPortr, ARINC, Atkins, Boon Edam, Damarel, ICM, Ink Aviation, Kaba, NEC and SICK in the FTE Europe 2014 exhibition.

We are delighted to announce that Vision-Box – a leader in automated border control systems and electronic identity solutions – and Four Winds Interactive –a specialist in innovative digital signage – have both signed up this week to exhibit at FTE Europe 2014, which will take place in London from 3-5 March.

Competition for passenger loyalty between travel facilitators in Europe is arguably the highest of any continent, and travel industry stakeholders in the region must innovate to give themselves a competitive edge. Viewing demonstrations of the latest technologies and services in our exhibition will provide essential inspiration on where your organisation goes next with its offer, and will enable you to fully understand the latest developments in the realm of passenger experience.

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