Changi Airport T4 dress rehearsal successfully completed as opening date approaches

The Terminal 4 dress rehearsal on 24 October involved about 1,500 airport staff, tenants and participants.

Changi Airport Group (CAG), which is a Headline Partner of Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO 2017 (7-8 November, Singapore), has conducted its full dress rehearsal for operations at the new Terminal 4, as it prepares to commence operations at the terminal on 31 October 2017.

Since October 2016, operational readiness trials, training sessions and workshops have been held to train and prepare airport staff who will be working at T4. The dress rehearsal on 24 October involved about 1,500 airport staff, tenants and participants, and included final systems checks and tests by airlines, commercial tenants, ground handling companies and other airport partners. A fire evacuation exercise, as well as the transfer of assets and equipment, was also carried out.

Some 3,000 staff from the airport community will work at T4, once all nine airlines have moved in. As part of the design of T4, staff-centric amenities have been incorporated in the terminal for a more conducive working environment for the airport community. These include ergonomically-designed work stations, dumbwaiters (small freight lifts used to transport items such as strollers at the apron area) at aircraft stands, and staff lounges.

Terminal fully certified for operations

T4 has undergone all inspections and audits by relevant agencies, and it received its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) in December 2016. The two-storey building has also been accorded the Green Mark Gold Plus and Universal Accessibility awards by the Building & Construction Authority.

To ensure that staff working in the terminal are familiar with fire safety measures, eight fire drills involving over 7,800 participants have been conducted at the terminal. CAG has also tested all fire systems such as alarms and sprinklers as part of its preparations for T4’s opening. The terminal is designed with a full suite of fire detection and protection measures, such as smoke control and exhaust systems, emergency communication systems, as well as fire hydrants for the main terminal building and adjacent ancillary buildings.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force has assessed T4 to be fit and safe for occupancy. CAG has also taken additional measures and sent samples of the cladding used on T4’s external walls (comprising Alubond and Alpolic brands) for laboratory testing as added prudence, given recent concerns over Alubond composite panels. The Alubond samples have been tested to be compliant with the requirements in the Fire Code, while results of the test of the Alpolic samples will only be known in a few months’ time, as the test can only be conducted overseas.

Mr Tan Lye Teck, CAG’s Executive Vice President, Airport Management, said: “We are pleased to share that all preparations are in place for T4 to commence operations on 31 October. We would like to extend our deep appreciation to our airline and airport partners and to the Changi community for their steadfast partnership in this journey. We look forward to welcoming our first passengers to T4 next week.”


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