Press release: Mindsay to offer complimentary COVID-19 chatbot

FTE Startup Hub member Mindsay has announced a complimentary three-month COVID-19 customer support bot to help ease customer stress and reduce support costs by answering customers’ coronavirus-related requests.

Built for the travel and hospitality industry, Mindsay is a conversational AI platform that provides one-to-one care at scale with automated customer communications. As the COVID-19 crisis has changed the industry and world dramatically, airlines, online travel companies and hotel groups require scalable support that is quick to deploy and answers questions about how the pandemic affects their operations. Customers are under stress and faced with lengthy wait times, often not getting a response, as customer support centres are understaffed and unable to provide the needed answers at scale.

“We’re in an unprecedented crisis, and businesses cannot operate how they did just weeks before. Customers need answers to their questions, but companies may not have the staff to handle the increase in volume,” said Guillaume Laporte, Co-Founder & CEO at Mindsay. “Our platform shows a more than 7000% increase since March in questions about coronavirus and we expect this to continue to grow. To help, our bot can resolve a large number of these requests by handling conversations including vouchers, cancellations, and the latest news, so that brands can focus on weathering this storm. We absolutely believe we can get through this together.”

Mindsay’s COVID-19 bot can automate up to 80% of requests, launches in as quickly as 24 hours thanks to pre-built capabilities, responds in 110 languages and integrates with over 30 systems.

To request your free COVID-19 bot, visit



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