Ferrovial and Microsoft establish digital net zero partnership

The collaboration agreement was signed at a ceremony attended by Dimitris Bountolos, General Manager of Information Systems and Innovation (CIIO), Ferrovial & FTE Executive Board Member; Judson Althoff, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft; Ignacio Madridejos, CEO, Ferrovial; and Alberto Granados, President, Microsoft Spain.

Ferrovial and Microsoft have established a global alliance to advance the development of sustainable digital solutions for the construction, infrastructure, and mobility industries in line with both companies’ commitment to innovation, digital transformation and the decarbonisation of the economy.

The collaboration agreement includes the joint work of both companies in the digitalisation of Ferrovial’s operations; the search for new ways of building and providing energy for the optimisation of Microsoft’s data centres; the development of innovative technological initiatives and solutions that enable sustainable development; and a future of zero net emissions in the construction and infrastructure management market.

“This alliance represents a common vision and strategy around the value of digitalisation and sustainability being a unique opportunity for co-innovation and development of digital solutions together to accelerate the digitalisation of our infrastructures accompanying Microsoft in new models of construction and energy supply of its data centres,” said Ignacio Madridejos, CEO of Ferrovial.

“We share with Ferrovial a strategic commitment to innovation, digitalisation and sustainability, which we want to take to the next level with this alliance. The experience and leadership of both companies will enable us to advance the joint development of sustainable digital solutions to transform the construction, infrastructure and mobility industries,” said Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain.

Both companies will work together to accelerate Ferrovial’s digitalisation plans thanks to Microsoft’s hybrid cloud services, with a focus on the development and operation of sustainable and efficient infrastructure, process automation, frontline worker communications and project collaboration, advanced artificial intelligence technologies, and the development of Zero Trust cybersecurity models, among other applications.

Ferrovial will contribute its expertise and capabilities in infrastructure construction and management, as well as in power generation and supply.  The aim is to evaluate how sustainable infrastructure can improve Microsoft’s data centre operations and help the company meet its expansion and sustainability goals.

In addition, Ferrovial and Microsoft will partner to advance digital solutions that enable a sustainable economy.

The two companies will also innovate solutions that enhance the use of Artificial Intelligence and sensors to improve infrastructure management, accelerating ongoing initiatives such as AIVIA, Ferrovial’s smart roads project, or the use of digital twins based on IoT technologies.

Further, the companies will collaborate on data capture and processing solutions to improve sustainability objectives at the operational and corporate levels. These include the intelligent collection of emissions data and the creation of dynamic reporting on business activity, such as carbon and water footprints.

Other digital initiatives are in development as part of the partnership, including the construction and operation of smart buildings and Vertiports.



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