Exclusive preview of DFW’s digital twin: How the technology is enabling better decision-making to meet the airport’s sustainability, efficiency and resiliency goals

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has embarked on a ground-breaking digital twin project for the maintenance and operations of its recently renovated Runway 18R/36L and Terminal D. Built using the WillowTwin software platform by digital twin company Willow, the technology is enabling the airport to make proactive, data-led decisions in real-time to meet its sustainability, efficiency and resiliency goals. During the recent FTE Global 2022 event in Las Vegas, Mike Youngs, VP of Information Technology, DFW Airport and Shaun Klann, Head of Strategic Growth, Willow, provided attendees with an exclusive preview of the digital twin technology and shared key lessons learned so far from platform development and training.

Youngs told FTE: “As an airport CIO, I have always thought about what success looks like and to me it is being able to visualise the airport space, the important processes, the condition of assets in real-time. We’re closer to that than we have ever been before. Once you have that, the situational awareness and being able to react would be transformative, but then to take it to that predictive state where we’re optimising how our assets are performing, anticipating where there may be issues, it’s truly a game-changer for our industry.”

Commenting on the partnership between DFW and Willow, Klann added: “We’re blazing a new trail and we’re pushing the envelope in terms of where the technology is and where digital twins have been deployed in an airport setting. I can’t say enough good things about the collaboration between DFW and Willow to make this happen and continue moving this forward.” Watch the above video to find out more.



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