Torino Airport launches zero-emission aircraft turnaround powered by electric fleet

Carrying out a turnaround with electric vehicles will prevent around 100kg of CO2 from being released.

Torino Airport has deployed an electrically powered fleet to carry out aircraft handling operations with reduced environmental impact.

Operated by ground services company Sagat Handling, the electric fleet available at Torino Airport includes: baggage tractors for underboard approach of vehicles requiring towing; mobile generator ground power units (GPU) for powering aircraft and this equipment when the engines are off; passenger ladders for the ascent of passengers to the aircraft; baggage belts for unloading baggage embarked in the hold; lifting platform ambulifts for boarding passengers with reduced mobility; and towbarless aircraft tractors or pushbacks for pushing the aircraft in reverse to exit the parking.

The airport says that carrying out a turnaround with electric vehicles will prevent around 100kg of CO2 from being released. With the current availability of green vehicles, the reduced impact of CO2 emitted per day is more than 1 tonne.

The airport has launched the new initiative as part of the ‘Torino Green Airport’, and it expects to achieve its NetZero 2050 targets before its 2050 deadline, as well as fulfilling its Toulouse Declaration commitments.

Torino airport has also expanded the number of parking aprons where passengers can be boarded by walk-in/walkout procedures, thus avoiding the use of diesel-powered buses (1.66 kg of fuel, equivalent to 5.3 kg of CO2 emitted). The renewal of the airport fleet has been underway for several years, and the goal is to have at least 40% of hybrid or full-electric powered vehicles by 2023. The existing fleet will also be joined by an electric minivan dedicated to executive services in General Aviation and soon by an electric ambulance to carry out the medical service in the apron.

Andrea Andorno, CEO of Torino Airport commented: “Aware that the sustainability of our operations must drive the development of the airport, we are proud to be able to offer airlines that choose our airport a zero-impact turnaround, thanks to the investments we have made on the continuous renewal of our fleet with electric vehicles and the purchase of 100% electricity from certified renewable sources.”



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