AirAsia Malaysia CEO discusses digitisation and utilising technology to achieve a seamless end-to-end travel experience

Following his participation in the Opening Keynote Panel at this month’s FTE APEX Asia Expo, Future Travel Experience caught up with Riad Asmat, CEO, AirAsia Malaysia. In this video interview, he shares his perspective on AirAsia Malaysia’s recovery from the pandemic, how the airline is embracing innovation to improve the customer experience and operational performance, and the key trends likely to shape the air travel experience going forward. “AirAsia has always been a technologically-advanced organisation,” Asmat explains. “During the pandemic we really focused on technology and customer experience innovations for when we opened up, and now pockets of this new technology are in place. We are striving to make the end-to-end journey as seamless as possible for the passenger. The ecosystem is built on digitisation of not just the flying experience, but also transportation and hotel bookings, etc. We never sit still.”




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