Changi Airport expands into the metaverse with launch of ChangiVerse “engaging customers and serving them better through innovation”

Changi Airport Group has entered the metaverse with the launch of ChangiVerse. This aims to revolutionise the online airport experience, engaging travellers and “serving them better through innovation and experimentation”.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) – a Headline Partner of FTE APEX Asia Expo (Singapore, 8-9 November 2023) – has unveiled ChangiVerse, an innovative online experience, marking the airport’s debut in the metaverse. Changi is the first airport to create a virtual world on Roblox, a gaming platform that sees a monthly active user base of over 200 million across the globe.

ChangiVerse aims to revolutionise the online airport experience, crossing physical barriers and time zones to allow fans of Changi, or those who have not had the chance to travel through the airport, to explore, interact, and engage with Changi in the digital space.

Developed in collaboration with Accenture, this expansion of the Changi experience complements the physical realm by putting a playful twist on notable sights, such as Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel), the distinctive Changi control tower, outdoor dinosaur display attraction Jurassic Mile, a plane hangar, and more.

“With ChangiVerse, we want to strengthen Changi Airport’s position as more than just a transport node, but a fun and magical destination where memories are created,” said Ms Hung Jean, Group Senior Vice President of CAG’s Enterprise Digital Ecosystem & Business Division. “With our customers becoming more digitally savvy and interacting in the digital space, ChangiVerse is also about engaging our customers and serving them better through innovation and experimentation, in line with our belief of customers being at the heart of everything we do.”

Players can look forward to a variety of mini games which emulate the airport experience, such as check-in and baggage claim. The core game of ChangiVerse is the Changi Kart racing game, where the top racer each month from now until September 2023 stands to win a pair of air tickets. As they progress through the game, players can level up and unlock new areas and items, such as ChangiVerse-exclusive wearables for their digital avatar.

“We are privileged to collaborate with CAG to drive digital-physical convergence through ChangiVerse,” said Wee Wei Ng, Southeast Asia market unit lead for Accenture. “By combining digital and physical worlds, ChangiVerse can simulate the airport environment, creating immersive experiences that elevate human interactivity to new dimensions, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. We look forward to exploring new opportunities for CAG to leverage emerging technologies and differentiate themselves in the industry, as they continue to pioneer and provide revolutionary solutions for their customers in this exciting new era.”



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