New airline Riyadh Air to drive innovation with Lufthansa Systems’ cloud-based operations platform

Martin Eiba, VP Flight Operations, Riyadh Air; Thomas Wittmann, CEO, Lufthansa Systems; Peter Bellew, COO, Riyadh Air; and Marco Cesa, Letesia Al Haddad, Michael Weghorst, and Peter Lauer (all Lufthansa Systems). Copyright: Lufthansa Systems

Riyadh Air has signed a contract to implement an integrated operational suite from Lufthansa Systems, including the solutions Lido Flight 4D, NetLine/Ops ++, NetLine/Crew and NetLine/HubControl.

“At Riyadh Air, it is a key goal to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals and the unique capabilities of Lufthansa Systems’ solutions will help us to maximise fuel and carbon savings using the integrated Lido and NetLine systems,” said Peter Bellew, COO, Riyadh Air. “The design can simultaneously drive the most effective and least carbon intense routing with the lowest cost fuel usage. Our aim is to show the wider industry how each member of the Riyadh Air family can digitally track their own carbon footprint while reducing costs. The Lufthansa Systems cloud operations suite will be a key to unlocking digital leadership in aviation sustainability. As a digitally-native airline, we require effective technological solutions that allow us to run an efficient and sustainable business. This agreement with Lufthansa Systems clearly demonstrates our continued progress towards our first flight in 2025 and is a significant building block in our operational readiness.”

Thomas Wittmann, CEO, Lufthansa Systems, commented: “We are excited to support Riyadh Air during their ambitious growth in the next years. In partnering closely with Riyadh Air, we will continue to optimise our integrated operational suite and additionally strengthen our position in the Middle East.”



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