flyvbird and bloXmove announce strategic collaboration to revolutionise regional air travel with blockchain technology

On-demand air mobility provider flyvbird has announced a strategic collaboration to implement bloXmove’s blockchain technology, with the aim of enhancing efficiency, sustainability and customer experience.

flyvbird, an on-demand air mobility provider, and bloXmove, a specialist in decentralised mobility solutions, have announced a strategic collaboration. Both parties aim to integrated bloXmove’s blockchain technology with flyvbird’s regional airline model, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of air travel. The partnership marks bloXmove’s first foray into the regional aviation market.

flyvbird’s on-demand services will initially utilise the versatile TECNAM P2012 aircraft to support its transition to electric and hydrogen propulsion systems. bloXmove will help flyvbird explore financing options for these next-generation regional air mobility aircraft, implementing its solution for a seamless ticketing experience.

For flyvbird, bloXmove’s NFTicket solution plays a vital role in access management (ticketing) and supporting on-chain tokenisation, trading and financing of ticket revenues. In addition, NFTicket enables a whole range of new opportunities such as loyalty programmes, memberships (VIP Flight Club), vouchers/credits, and easy reselling of tickets without an intermediary. Together, flyvbird and bloXmove are committed to customer service, while emphasising sustainability, security, and user convenience.



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