Prototype unattended bag drop solution, plus much more on display at Check-In Asia exhibition

Viewing demonstrations of the latest technologies and services relating to passenger and baggage processing is a key requirement to understanding the latest developments in this subject area, which is why Check-In Asia will also have a large vendor exhibition showcasing the latest systems and components on the market.

View the full Check-In Asia exhibitor list and floor plan here.

Exhibition highlights include:

Stand 6


EXCLUSIVE – SITA, in conjunction with its end to end self service (ETESS) partner BCS Group, will be showing its prototype unattended bag drop solution, and demoing their complete range of self service solutions.

SITA / BCS Group Check-In Asia Exhibition

Stand 16


ARINC will be demonstrating its latest airport solutions that support IATA’s Fast Travel program of improving passenger experiences and facilitating faster passenger processing at this year’s Check-In Asia event. Products on display will include offsite check-in, common bagdrop and Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS) that enables the validation of flight and boarding pass information in real time.

ARINC Check-In Asia Exhibition

Stand 15


3M will showcase a wide range of swipe readers, mobile readers, multi purpose document readers(full page) and OEM readers for different applications.

Stand 3


At a time where self-service expands at all stages of the passenger process, IER proposes an exciting range of solutions for self-check-in, self-tagging, baggage drop off as well as self-boarding. Also on display at CHECK-IN ASIA, the IER Software Solutions©, a full range of applications for self-check-in: online, on a CUSS kiosk or with a mobile phone and the IER‘s range of multi-function 2D barcode printers and readers for check-in and boarding operations, integrating RFID functionalities.

IER @ Check-In Asia Exhibition

Stand 10


Already is use at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Thailand Suvarnabhumi Airport, and London Heathrow Airport the PENTA “all-in-one” device from DESKO will be on display in Kuala Lumpur. PENTA is fulfilling today’s PAX handling requirements, but looking ahead to the FUTURE with a single device; NFC, ePassport, and forensic document analysis.

DESKO @ Check-In Asia Exhibition

Stand 7


Damarel will be exhibiting a range of ground-breaking passenger and ground handling solutions at Check-In Asia 2011, including two of our latest innovations – our SwiftBag fast bag drop solution and LodeStone 2.0 a new, more modern approach for the weight and balance market.

Damarel @ Check-In Asia Exhibition

Stand 9

IRIS Corporation Berhad is a global solutions provider with core expertise in electronic identity system such as multi-applications e-ID, e-Passport, border control, mobile solutions, contact and contactless smart devices and smart card/inlay manufacturing services. IRIS whose headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur will showcase their portfolio of solutions at Check-In Asia.

IRIS @ Check-In Asia Exhibition

Stand 14


PrehKeyTec is a leading manufacturer of advanced data input devices, and will be displaying a host of readers including the MCI 111, the ML 2 A and the MCI 30 GC. PrehKeyTec’s airline automation products are certified by SITA, ARINC, and Ultra.

PrehKeyTec @ Check-In Asia Exhibition



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