Outstanding FTE 2012 agenda officially launched

Outstanding FTE 2012 agenda officially launched

Theme: “Advanced collaboration to create a seamless passenger experience”

There is a growing consensus that in order to achieve a seamless passenger experience, throughout the whole journey there needs to be far better collaboration between stakeholders – from the airlines through to the destination partners and everything in between.

Future Travel Experience 2012 will provide inspiration on the best future ideas for collaboration and improving the door-to-door experience, and will provide insight into what impact this will have on systems, facilities and business strategies.

Innovative new formats for 2012

In addition to an industry leading conference and an exhibition of the latest technologies, FTE 2012 will also include dedicated workshops on ‘End user experiences of working with CUPPS, and alternative solutions such as virtualised DCS’ and ‘Baggage Advancements’. The event will also include innovative ‘Unconference’ sessions in which specialist facilitators will lead small group discussions focusing on mobile, automated queue measurement, remote check-in, and passenger guidance and assistance.

Improving passenger experience and revenues by leveraging technology

As well as focusing on improving the passenger experience on the ground, Future Travel Experience 2012 will also explore how embracing new technology can present opportunities to increase passenger spend. A Day 2 keynote presentation from global futurist Rohit Talwar will explore the overlap between passenger experience and passenger revenues, while key industry figures from the likes of Changi Airport Group and Las Vegas McCarran International Airport will also present on the economic opportunities that can be derived from a unique passenger experience.

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