Cathay Pacific a co-initiator of new Hong Kong SAF Coalition as it strives to achieve long-term environmental targets

Cathay has welcomed the launch of the Hong Kong Sustainable Aviation Fuel Coalition as one of its co-initiators. The airline’s long-term environmental targets include its carbon net-zero goal by 2050.

Cathay Pacific has welcomed the launch of the Hong Kong Sustainable Aviation Fuel Coalition (HKSAFC) as its co-initiator. The coalition comprises 13 founding partners from the SAF value chain.

In October 2023, the Hong Kong SAR Government highlighted the importance of SAF in its 2023 Policy Address, emphasising forward-looking planning to drive the use of SAF in Hong Kong. Cathay supports the government’s intention to promote the supply of SAF. The HKSAFC is a multi-stakeholder platform in the region that brings together the aviation industry, SAF producers, fuel suppliers, infrastructure developers, corporate users and policymakers to collaborate on advancing the development, supply and use of SAF.

The HKSAFC aims to facilitate the adoption of SAF in Hong Kong by conducting research on SAF development, engaging with different stakeholders and the government, and raising public awareness of the benefits, as well as challenges of SAF. The coalition also seeks to grow Hong Kong as a regional SAF hub that can contribute to global climate mitigation efforts.

“Sustainability is a key focus for Cathay, and we are committed to achieving our carbon net-zero goal by 2050,” said Ronald Lam, Cathay Group Chief Executive Officer. “We firmly believe that SAF is a key enabler for the aviation industry to achieve its long-term environmental targets and to support the global transition to a low-carbon economy. Hong Kong has to be able to cultivate the development and use of SAF in order to retain and enhance its leading international aviation hub status. However, we cannot do this alone – it requires collaboration among all parties, and the HKSAFC is an important step in this direction. I look forward to working with all of the Coalition Partners in the coming months and years, to join the global efforts to tackle the climate challenge.”

Cathay Pacific hopes to work closely with the government and the HKSAFC to create a conducive market environment for SAF, especially with the airline’s commitment to using SAF for 10% of its total fuel usage by 2030.



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