Gatwick adopts AI-powered passenger predictability solution

Veovo’s AI-powered technology gives Gatwick real-time awareness of people’s movement and experiences in North and South terminal security areas.

London Gatwick Airport has selected Veovo’s passenger predictability solution to optimise security operations and improve passenger flow. The partnership will allow the airport to efficiently handle increasing passenger numbers and create a more sustainable, passenger-centred travel experience.

Veovo’s AI-powered technology gives Gatwick real-time awareness of people’s movement and experiences in North and South terminal security areas. This insight will guide the airport to plan layout and lane openings, predict bottlenecks, and make informed decisions on the go.

As the platform is not restricted by proprietary sensor technology, it can aggregate and analyse people movement data from any source. This flexibility allows the airport to integrate and protect its existing stereo vision camera investments with new IoT sensors and data sources, thereby enhancing its understanding of customer behaviour across the airport.

Bronwen Jones, Development Director, Gatwick Airport, said: “Veovo’s cloud solution will help to make our business more resilient by allowing us to accurately measure passenger flow so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to any changes. The new technology will not only lead to smoother journeys for our passengers by increasing automation and optimising our processes, but it is also future-proofed, scalable and, by being cloud-hosted off-site, supports our commitment to sustainability by reducing our energy footprint.”

The Veovo cloud software platform bundles analytics and rich visualisations to deliver historical, live and predicted insights into passenger density and flow by flight. It provides valuable metrics such as actual and forecasted waiting times, occupancy, and passenger throughput. This allows airports and their partners to prevent congestion, minimise wait times and comply with service-level agreements.

James Williamson, CEO, Veovo, said, “Passenger experience is at the heart of Gatwick’s strategy. We are delighted that the airport has chosen Veovo technology to help make the security checkpoint experience as efficient and smooth as possible. Harnessing all available data, together with behavioural science, will enable the airport to better learn from the past, predict the future, and make more informed decisions. We are confident that it will present a unique opportunity for the airport to optimise processes and improve people flow.”

London Gatwick joins a host of other major airports, including Manchester, Newark and Amsterdam Schiphol, that have adopted the solution. It enables the airports to accurately plan operations, provide situational awareness and make intelligent decisions in real-time to balance performance, customer experience and efficiency.



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