Introducing FTE Training – online courses to support the aviation industry’s post-pandemic recovery

FTE Training has been launched to support the aviation sector’s post-pandemic recovery with online courses led by industry experts.

Sixteen years on from the launch of Future Travel Experience (FTE), which continues to deliver impactful industry change through our renowned conferences, expos, think tanks, consulting services and more, we are more committed than ever to driving the advancement of the air transport industry. It is this commitment that has motivated us to launch FTE Training in response to the imminent and growing need to support the industry as it recovers from the wide-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

As the aviation sector ramps up operations following the pandemic, a big opportunity has emerged to identify areas for transformation. Airlines, airports, ground handling companies and service providers now have the chance to introduce positive change to ensure their return to full operations is achieved in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are focusing your time and budget on new-starter training for those who have just joined your organisation, refresher training for existing staff members or outsourcing your training altogether, FTE Training is on hand to ensure you can ramp up operations quickly while delivering high-quality, efficient training to your employees.

Upcoming online training courses – 20% launch discount available until 8 April

Each of the following courses will be delivered by an expert trainer in a virtual training environment. All of our expert trainers have extensive industry experience and have walked in the shoes of the participants – recognising our exacting ability to deliver both formal training and shared experiences. All trainees will receive a certification of completion upon successful conclusion of each course. To celebrate the launch of FTE Training, everyone who books a place on one or more online courses by 8 April will automatically receive a 20% discount. Each course is priced at £200 per attendee, rising to £250 after 8 April.


Topic: Introduction to Aviation (online course)
Course duration: 8 hours
Upcoming course dates: 11 April, 18 May, 6 June

Topic: General Aviation Security Awareness (online course)
Course duration: 8 hours
Upcoming course dates: 12 April, 19 May, 7 June

Topic: Quality Management Systems for Aviation Managers (online course)
Course duration: 8 hours
Upcoming course dates: 28 April, 23 May, 23 June

Topic: Airside Safety for All Personnel (online course)
Course duration: 8 hours
Upcoming course dates: 20 April, 9 May, 16 June

Topic: Aviation Safety Management Systems for All Personnel (online course)
Course duration: 8 hours
Upcoming course dates: 21 April, 10 May, 17 June

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Bespoke training courses

In addition to our scheduled online training courses, FTE Training also offers bespoke training course development, delivery and assessment.

The FTE Training team has extensive experience in aviation operations and training management, and our combined skills enable us to offer a full-service package including training course development, training delivery and training assessment. With a strong background in Compliance and Quality Assurance, we can ensure a top-quality proposition is delivered that meets the compliance requirements set out by the industry. We are proud to be working with Skylight Aviation Academy to deliver these capabilities with all the enthusiasm, passion and dynamism you have come to expect from Future Travel Experience since our launch in 2006.

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