Riga Airport to implement ambitious development plans with new passenger terminal and creation of RIX Airport City

Riga Airport has rebranded as RIX Riga Airport and announced it will start implementation of ambitious development plans, with construction of a new terminal and work on the creation of RIX Airport City.

Riga Airport has rebranded as RIX Riga Airport and announced that it will start the implementation of ambitious development plans this year, with construction of a new passenger terminal and work on the creation of RIX Airport City. The company’s vision is to become the “future travel hub of Northern Europe”, which will promote the competitiveness of Latvia in the region and the development of the national economy.

“We want to compete with the airports of the Northern European region, so RIX Riga Airport’s offer must be competitive,” said Laila Odiņa, Chairperson of the Board of RIX Riga Airport. “The new development projects – new passenger terminal and the Airport City, as well as the goal of becoming an important regional travel hub, determined the need to create a full-fledged, competitive and modern RIX Riga Airport brand. This includes our values, our promise to customers and cooperation partners and our vision of RIX as one of the best-connected business and travel hubs in the region.”

The new terminal building will be sustainable, modern, and ergonomic to improve passengers’ travel experience. The check-in hall, security and border control area, shops and cafés, baggage handling complex, new access roads, multi-storey car park and connection to the railway station will be located where the current short-term car park and access ramp are located. Construction is scheduled to begin in the second half of this year and be completed by the end of 2028. The total construction area will be more than 45,000sqm, with an investment of €167 million.

Meanwhile, RIX Airport City will be a new, multifunctional city next to the airport, which is planned to create hotels, offices, and retail spaces, as well as various services for passengers, cargo handlers and local residents in a 24-hectare area. It will be a new type of city and a self-sufficient destination from which the centre of Riga, other Latvian cities, the capitals of the other Baltic states and the whole world will be easily and quickly reached by car, rail, and air.

The new brand name – RIX Riga Airport – retains the internationally recognised airport code of RIX. In the brand strategy, the many sub-brands under the management of Riga Airport are also arranged in a single portfolio, giving them a single visual identity and names. The brand’s tagline “Closer than expected” embodies the idea of convenient connectivity and easy reach, both within the borders of the airport and in a global context.



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