PIT partners with IAG to deploy Synaptic Aviation’s computer vision technology “revolutionising airline ramp operations”

Marc Buranovsky, Airport Duty Manager, Pittsburgh International Airport, utilises Synaptic Aviation’s technologies to monitor Concourse D ramp operations. Data captured by Synaptic can be synthesised almost instantly into actionable information for airlines and airports. (Photo by Beth Hollerich)

International Airlines Group (IAG) and Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) – via its xBridge innovation programme – have deployed Synaptic Aviation’s computer vision, opening up a wealth of new data. IAG and PIT are both Corporate Partners of the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub.

The cutting-edge technology uses Artificial Intelligence models for computer vision to monitor ramp operations via cameras stationed at a gate. They record everything that happens and feed it back to a workstation that can synthesise the data almost instantly into actionable information for airlines and airports.

Data points can include how long it takes an aircraft to park, for baggage to be loaded and unloaded, passengers deplaned and boarded, positioning of ramp crew, and more. The workstation runs the data through various modelling algorithms and then uploads it to the cloud, where airline and airport employees can access it and run analytics and reports and even watch the recorded video with graphic overlays.

Staff at PIT and IAG – parent company of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL and Vueling – have been trained on the system and are already using it to evaluate their operations.

In 2023, IAG signed a memorandum of understanding with PIT to drive the aviation industry forward by developing technological solutions to safety, customer experience and operational efficiency challenges for both airlines and airports.

“As an airline, we’re pushing the technology, but we’re really keen that the airports are joining us on that journey,” said Thomas Cannell, Program Director, Airports Automation, IAG Airports. “And that’s been something that’s quite exciting and progressive from Pittsburgh, that they want to go on that journey with us. The beauty of the technology is it’s focused on the same thing, every flight, every gate. It’s a really important starting step to revolutionising what we do on the ramp. And that’s where the benefit comes in.”

xBridge, launched in late 2020, works with both established and startup technology companies to develop tech solutions for aviation and other industries onsite at PIT. For xBridge Director Cole Wolfson, the Synaptic project is exciting because of what it could mean not just for PIT, but the aviation industry as a whole. “At xBridge, we work with companies to test new technologies not just for PIT, but also for our partners and the industry,” he said. “By testing these technologies here, we are certainly able to better understand how they can enhance our operations and passenger experience, but that’s not the only goal. More broadly, success for us is testing and demonstrating these technologies for the industry, so that they may make a significant impact far beyond Pittsburgh.”

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