FTE Global 2021 Exhibitor & Sponsor Preview Part 1 – from self-service, biometrics and touchless tech to IFE, RFID and AI optimisation tools

The highly anticipated Future Travel Experience Global 2021 show, which will take place in Las Vegas on 7-9 December, will feature a large-scale exhibition of the most progressive aviation industry suppliers, ranging from household names through to the most innovative startups.

This year’s focus will be on products and services that can help inspire airlines, airports and their stakeholders on their next moves to enhance end-to-end customer experiences, improve business performance, and recover and thrive post-COVID-19.

In the first part of the FTE Global 2021 Exhibitor & Sponsor Preview, we highlight a selection of some of the most innovative solutions that will be on display in the exhibition.

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NEC Corporation of America is a leading provider of innovative IT, network, communications and biometric solutions for service carriers, Fortune 1000 and SMB businesses across multiple vertical industries, including aviation, healthcare, government, education and hospitality. NEC Corporation of America delivers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of technology solutions and professional services, including unified communications, wireless, voice and data, managed services, server and storage infrastructure, optical network systems, microwave radio communications and biometric security. NEC Corporation of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global technology leader with a presence in 160 countries and $29.5 billion in revenues. At FTE Global, NEC will showcase its integrated digital identity solution, NEC I:Delight, which enables a hygienic and seamless travel experience through facial recognition, allowing travelers to create a single Digital ID that they can use within and beyond the airport. The company is sponsoring this year’s FTE Biometric & Digital Identity Summit, which will see leaders from Lufthansa, U.S. CBP, Star Alliance, NEC, TSA, SITA, Japan Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Mastercard, Port of Seattle, APEX and many more, explore how biometric technology can enable a more convenient contactless travel processes from check-in to boarding.

Bags ID

BagsID Network is a baggage identification solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and computer vision to build smarter baggage solutions for the travel industry. It can detect individual bags by their unique physical characteristics (including scratches, dents and other features) through the technology behind biometrics and photo recognition. No need for solely relying on barcode tags, expensive RFID or other baggage handling processes currently in use. The solution creates less waste, is better for the environment, is more accurate (99% read rate), and can create additional revenue streams through more efficient loading and forecasting. As one of the sponsors for the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Groups, BagsID has been instrumental in driving our vision for the future of baggage forward. Key results from the Baggage Innovation Working Group calls that took place in September and November will be shared at the event.

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Collins Aerospace

As modern travel evolves, passengers expect a faster, easier, and more seamless experience and airports must adapt, innovate and develop strategies to meet the needs of increased passenger growth. Collins Aerospace offers integrated and intelligent solutions for passenger processing and passenger facilitation, airport operations, and baggage management. Collins’ self-service solutions help create a seamless travel experience for a high volume of passengers. Collins Aerospace cloud technology enables airlines and airports to deploy systems far more rapidly than ever before. Visitors at Collins’ stand can learn how to improve their airport operations and passenger processing through technology. Meanwhile, in the Future Airports conference, Collins Aerospace’s Head of Design and Innovation Team Augusto Santos will join a panel on “How should future airports look and operate in the post-COVID-19 world in order to thrive?”


Daifuku Airport Technologies is the trusted partner of airport and airlines globally, providing unified solutions across baggage handling, security, operational and self-service technology. Its leading-edge digital solutions continue to revolutionise airport and airline operations around the world, enhancing the productivity, accuracy and passenger service levels of its partners. At FTE Global, Daifuku’s world-class team of industry specialists will be showcasing the latest in integrated digital solutions.


Scarabee Aviation Group specialises in facilitating people flows, baggage handling and security checks at airports around the globe. Along with airlines, airports, and other stakeholders, Scarabee co-creates premium airport solutions and delivers full life-cycle services as well. The company helps airports successfully meet the challenges of transforming the airport experience supporting increasing passenger numbers and their demands. By providing breakthrough space-saving technology solutions, leveraging the benefits and eliminating the compartmentalised aspects of the passenger journey, Scarabee strives to place the passenger at the heart of it all. In 2019, Scarabee became part of Daifuku.

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Snowfall is a UK-based, Swedish-founded travel technology company which has delivered products, services and partnerships since 2003. Its next-generation platform empowers travel businesses to deliver value, efficiency and exceptional travel experiences. Snowfall unlocks the power of technology and delivers travel that is accessible, flexible and convenient. By incorporating all modes of travel in a single, dynamic operating system, the company is transforming the travel industry and empowering travel suppliers to change the way consumers experience travel for good. Snowfall brings hands-on experience from leading roles at the world’s finest travel enterprises, and are one of the few travel technology companies in the world to expand into all four verticals – air, rail, ferry and bus. Snowfall provides its partners with the opportunity to offer greater value and efficiency to their customers, realise the power and promise of smart movement, and deliver better travel for every person for every journey.


Barich, Inc. is an IT and management consulting firm providing leadership in strategic, business, and implementation solutions that satisfy unique and sometimes differing aviation stakeholder interests. Barich understands where business transformation needs to occur and are experts in aligning technology advancements with business objectives. As a leader in offering strategic and business solutions, the company has extensive knowledge and experience in providing IT strategic planning, business analysis, and technical expertise. Barich offers the full spectrum of programme and project management services. At the event, Barich’s Principal Frank Barich will co-host an interactive workshop on virtual queueing, alongside Dave Wilson, Director, Airport Innovation, Port of Seattle, which will then be followed by an engaging session on the evolution of self-service, moderated by Samuel Ingalls, who is also a Principal at Barich.


The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of airport baggage handling systems and intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation, and distribution. With 4,500 employees worldwide, the BEUMER Group has annual sales of about $1.1 billion. The BEUMER Group provides customers with high-quality system solutions and an extensive customer support network around the globe and across a wide range of industries, including bulk materials and piece goods, food/non-food, construction, mail order, post, and airport. Beumer Group’s Business Development Director Per Engelbrechtsen will take part in the FTE Baggage Innovation Summit during the show, where participants will share the results of the first POC conducted by the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Groups team earlier this year, which transforms RP1745 baggage data to the RP1755 Baggage Information Exchange (BIX) standard and makes this available to Airport Labs Network participants. The highlights from the lab will be described and then the panel will talk about how this innovate new approach opens new opportunities across the baggage realm, and what the other feasible advancements in baggage there might be over the next 10 years. Find out more about the summit here.


Ditto allows aviation applications to sync without any internet connection. In areas of limited, or no, connectivity, such as airplanes, hangars, and on the tarmac, internet access is not reliable, making it extremely difficult for tasks, chat, meal orders, and more to be synced. Ditto allows teams such as maintenance crews and cabin crew flight attendants to sync their applications in real-time without any use of cellular networks or in-flight Wi-Fi and with no network hardware. In Las Vegas, Ditto will showcase a number of advancements it has created in partnership with Japan Airlines, including passenger meal order and cabin crew collaboration applications.

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Elenium Automation

Elenium Automation is a global leader in providing self-service and automated safety and security technology solutions for airports and airlines globally. Elenium’s VYGR range of products for the aviation industry support an automated home-to-gate passenger experience, without the complex IT systems that usually limit the use of automation. Elenium’s products can be found in airports of all sizes, from Queenstown in New Zealand and Avalon in Australia to Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi international airports. Elenium Automation enables freedom of movement at the airport, and at FTE the company’s Chief Chief Commercial Officer Ilya Gutlin will be speaking at the conference about how passengers expect and need end-to-end seamless and safe travel as they seek to return to the skies. Elenium is focused on enabling useable and efficient automation and digitalisation. From delivering self-service automation to the aviation industry to developing Australia’s only medically approved automated fever detection device and most recently biometric access control, it delivers automation to make movement easier and quicker.

Elevation Software

Elevation Software offers fully accessible dynamic solutions and products for the travel industry that empower passengers from check-in to bag drop. The Elevated Integration Platform can be setup across many types of hardware, including access gates and turn-styles, all the way to self-service devices and mini-printing stations. The platform can be run in airports, train stations, cruise ports, and many other applied areas. Elevation’s product line aims to remove common barriers the aviation industry typically faces in its attempts to process passengers efficiently.

Hill International

For more than four decades, public- and private-sector clients worldwide have selected Hill International as construction consultants on their most complex projects. With thousands of construction professionals around the world, Hill has the experience and the expertise to help its clients deliver their projects on time, within budget, and with the highest quality possible. Hill International has managed numerous projects across the world, including at airports in Muscat, Salalah, San Francisco, Bahrain, Cairo, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Phoenix Sky Harbor, LaGuardia, Los Angeles, and many more. At FTE Global, Hill International’s Vice President of Aviation U.S. West & Canada Yvonne Bilshausen will lead a session on “Progressive approaches to design, construction, sustainability and delivery of new and refurbished airport facilities”.


IDEMIA I&S is a leader in identity security and authentication services to governments and private companies, operating in North America. Its mission is to help people access what matters most more quickly, more safely, and more securely, in both the physical and the digital worlds. IDEMIA’s best-in-class technology helps to authenticate and secure physical and digital transactions. IDEMIA is recognised by the National Institute of Standards (NIST) as a top-ranking participant in the institute’s passenger facilitation simulation testing as well as in its regular Face Recognition Vender Test (FRVT) rankings, reinforcing the trustworthiness and reliability of its facial recognition solutions for government and consumers alike. At FTE Global, the provider will be showcasing its Enrolment of the Future and Verified Traveler solutions, as well as facial recognition technology and security solutions.

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MÜHLBAUER specialises in innovative end-to-end solutions focusing on the production, personalisation and issuance of secure ID cards and ePassports according to ICAO standards, and have established itself as a competent partner dedicated to implementing security systems. Access and border control systems, vision inspection technologies and semiconductor and RFID applications complete its comprehensive portfolio.


As a subsidiary of AOE’s aviation division, Omnevo is characterised by its agile DNA combining technological experience with impressive industry expertise. Omnevo’s mission is to power transformation towards digitally-generated ancillary revenues in the global travel business, enabling its clients to increase ancillary revenue and become digital revenue leaders. The company’s digital solutions are modular, fully integrated, and adjustable to any existing software, regardless if it serves e-commerce, point-of-sales, or logistics and operations. Omnevo’s plug and play solutions cover everything from e-commerce and in-flight sales to catering management, supply chain integration, and analytics. Kian Gould, Chairman of the Board, Omnevo, will deliver a special keynote on the true potential of digital retailing as part of the FTE Ancillary conference track during FTE Global.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and leveraging the latest advances in deep learning, Paravision’s industry-leading computer vision software is trusted globally by security device manufacturers, solution providers, systems integrators, and financial services firms to deliver frictionless experiences and comprehensive safety and security. From the latest in Edge AI platforms to cloud-ready solutions, Paravision powers computer vision-centric solutions with modular, highly scalable toolsets that deliver breakthrough capabilities in the most challenging conditions. Paravision has developed deep expertise in face recognition specifically, and strives to consistently raise the bar for face recognition technology in accuracy, security, inclusion, and convenience.

TATA Communications

A part of the Tata Group, Tata Communications is a global digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy in more than 190 countries and territories. Tata Communications enables digital transformation of enterprises globally with collaboration and connected solutions, core and next generation connectivity, cloud hosting and security solutions and media services. The company serves 300 of the Fortune 500 companies and connect businesses to 80% of the world’s cloud giants. David Ludwick Director, Mobility & IoT Solutions, MOVE Global Connect, TATA Communications, will take part in the Digital & innovation conference in a session titled “How can airlines leverage data, digital platforms and innovation to evolve, create new business models and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world?”

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Copenhagen Optimization

Copenhagen Optimization is a joint software and consultancy company specialising in improving airport operations. The company comprises a highly skilled team of airport professionals, pragmatic analysts, and cutting-edge software developers. It has practical experience from some of the world’s biggest airports, combined with background and experience within mathematical optimisation and machine learning. All of this is encapsulated in its software solution BETTER AIRPORT® which enables airport operators to plan and execute their entire airport operation – before day of operation and in real-time and from curb to gate and back. Today, Better Airport is deployed and live in more than 20 airports globally, including JFK Terminal 4, London Heathrow and Singapore Changi. In Las Vegas, the company will be demonstrating the six modules of its Better Airport software, giving airports the opportunity to see the solution and get a feel for the functionality. As a new feature, it will also showcase its virtual queuing solution currently in use in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and in trial in LAX.


Acquire is a conversational customer engagement platform that empowers travel and hospitality brands to deliver exceptional experiences. By simplifying communication across touchpoints and tools, personalising interactions, and enabling the ability to architect faster and more efficient processes — people, not channels, are put at the heart of customer service interactions. Its flexible and scalable software suite offers features including live chat, video and audio calling, AI chatbots, centralised interaction management, and secure cobrowsing equipping teams to solve sales, service, and support issues easily, in real-time, and on any device. Acquire is joining FTE Global this year to learn how brands are creating novel customer experiences and to share the success that its clients like United Airlines are seeing with digital customer engagement.

Airport Intelligence by Brussels Airport

Airport Intelligence is a daughter company of Brussels Airport Company, fully focused on directing the expertise and knowledge of a major European airport to other organisations across the globe. Using the wealth of knowledge and operational excellence of Brussels Airport, Airport Intelligence strives to support its clients in achieving their full operational potential with a proven set of methodologies and solutions. Its service offering focuses on operational planning and optimisation, airfield renovation, safety and security. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company deployed AOP and APOC solutions at Brussels Airport which helped the airport weather the crisis. At FTE Global, Korijn Defever, Senior Manager Operational Excellence, Airport Intelligence, will lead an interactive workshop titled “The future of Operational Excellence – How to adapt to the changing environment and bring airport management to the next level”.

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Plan3 is a passenger-focussed disruption management system that puts unrivalled ease of recovery in the hands of disruptions customer care operators. Developed by aviation industry experts, Plan3 solves every aspect of passenger disruption events – flight rebooking, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, vouchers, refunds. With Plan3, airlines easily create and publish relevant options, and passengers can self-serve their way to a seamless onward journey. With zero system integration required to get started, and no set up or flat monthly fees, the solution is designed to provide a best-in-class customer experience while helping recover margins. During the show, Plan3’s founder Sveinn Akerlie will deliver a joint presentation with Hildur Haarde, Service Director, PLAY, on how Plan3 has helped the airline manage disruption through digital means.


As Germany’s leading cybersecurity company, Secunet creates resilient digital infrastructures and ensures the utmost protection of data, applications and digital identities in the increasingly connected world. With over 700 experts, Secunet offers products and consulting for areas with unique security requirements. Secunet’s homeland security division offers airports and governments standard-compliant and future-proof solutions for comprehensive electronic identity protection as well as efficient verification. The Secunet border gears portfolio includes ABC gates and self-service kiosks for biometric border control and passenger identification that are setting benchmarks for security, reliability and convenience.



Unimark is one of the global leaders in airline ticket, bag tag and RFID printers. Unimark offers the most advanced printers in the airline industry. Its printers have gained the reputation of being the industry’s most robust and reliable, and first choice when considering RFID. They are engineered to withstand the challenges of the airport environment. Unimark printers are designed to maximise each customer’s investment from a Total Cost of Ownership. Customers realise an immediate reduction in their overall break-fix budget and are, in most cases, able to maintain printers on-site, avoiding costly depot service.

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