Perth Airport opens Otherside Brew Lounge in Terminal 2 “offering a unique pre-flight venue with a dynamic personality”

Perth Airport has opened the Otherside Brew Lounge in Terminal 2, in partnership with Otherside Brewing Co and Delaware North. It aims to offer “a unique pre-flight venue with a dynamic personality”.

Otherside Brewing Co, in a partnership with Delaware North, has opened the Otherside Brew Lounge at Perth Airport’s Terminal 2. In a “never-before-seen airport hospitality experience”, the Brew Lounge features a combination of Western Australian craft beer, live music, arts and culture under one roof.

Customers will be treated to regularly-scheduled live music performances, rotating art installations showcasing the work of local Western Australia artists, and a state-of-the-art audio/visual experience.

“With passenger numbers continuing to grow we wanted to collaborate with a partner that would deliver a new, high-quality food and beverage option for our regional customers,” said Kate Holsgrove, Chief Commercial and Aviation Officer, Perth Airport. “The Otherside Brew Lounge provides a contemporary food and beverage hub in T2, offering a unique pre-flight venue with a dynamic personality and quality local craft beers on tap.”

Contrasting other airport-based craft beer and hospitality offerings, the Brew Lounge leans heavily into frequent flyer visitation by creating a place for travellers to call their own – their new ‘local’. In an extension of the Otherside Beer Tycoons membership programme, the venue offers customers the chance to become ‘Flying Tycoons’, with members’ names displayed on venue bricks and benefits available at the Brew Lounge and all Otherside venues throughout Perth.

In an extension of Otherside’s e-commerce platform, the venue will offer departing travellers an option for home delivery of Otherside Brewing Co products, with deliveries able to be scheduled the same day as they return home.

“We are very excited to see this project to come to fruition and for the gates to open to this unique experience for Western Australian travellers,” said James Legge, Managing Director, Otherside Brewing Co. “With its impressive food and beverage offering, table service model, and representation of WA arts and culture, the Brew Lounge is an exciting new concept in aviation hospitality. We look forward to welcoming everyone in to sample our craft beers, the outstanding restaurant-quality menu and, of course, some live music.”


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