TAV Technologies supporting digitalisation efforts at airports in Chile and Panama

Franck Mereyde, Board Member, TAV Holding, and Raffoul Arab, CEO, Panama Airport.

TAV Technologies – an exhibitor at FTE APEX Asia Expo, Singapore, 19-20 November 2024 – has begun supporting digitalisation efforts at Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Santiago, Chile and at Tocumen, Pacifico, Enrique Adolfo Jimenez, Scarlett Martinez, and Enrique Malek airports in Panama.

The signing ceremony in Chile was attended by Nicolas Claude, Chairman of the Executive Board of Nuevo Pudahuel, the operator of Santiago Airport, and Franck Mereyde, Executive Board Member & Chair of Executive Committee, TAV Airports.

“The successful partnerships in Panama and Chile highlight TAV Technologies’ ability to deliver reliable solutions and services, strengthening its position as a trusted leader in airport technology innovation,” said Kerem Öztürk, CEO, TAV Technologies. “As we grow globally, we understand that our valued customers trust our 24/7 support and technical capabilities. We proudly provide modern solutions to streamline airport operations and passenger processes in Panama and Chile.”

In Santiago, TAV Technologies will deploy an Airport Operational Database (AODB) for data integration, an Information Broker system for real-time data exchange, a Resource Management System for efficient resource allocation, a Slot Coordination & Management System for optimised traffic flow, and a Billing System for transparent financial management.

“Through this contract, we are incorporating new technologies that will allow us to improve our operation and provide a better service to the airlines and an improved experience to our passengers,” said Nicolas Claude, CEO, Nuevo Pudahuel.

The agreement in Panama covers installing the Airport Operation Information System, Enterprise Service Bus, Common Use Passenger Processing System, Airport Collaborative Decision-Making, and local Departure Control System.

“This comprehensive product package will significantly enhance our operational efficiency, ensuring smoother experiences for our passengers,” said Raffoul Arab Pinzón, CEO, Panama Tocumen. “By implementing these advanced solutions, we aim to streamline processes and deliver exceptional service, ultimately elevating the overall travel air experience.”

Aldo Olmos, Head of Procurement Nuevo Pudahuel Airport; Aytan Mastaliyeva, Vice President, TAV Technologies; Franck Mereyde, Board Member, TAV Holding; Natalia Acuña Salazar, IAP, CFO, Nuevo Pudahuel; Nicolas Claude, CEO, Nuevo Pudahuel; and Manuel Valencia, Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager, Nuevo Pudahuel Airport.



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